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If I show you a picture of my face, will you show me a picture of how I should have my hair?

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SaulGood Fri 03-Jul-15 14:30:28

I'm going to the hairdresser in a fortnight. I don't, as a rule, do this regularly. The smell of coconut and the full length mirrors are like some kind of nightmare made real ime. I tend to just trim off the ends and leave it.

Sorry about the rubbish picture. It's black and white and my hair's up obviously but I thought you could look at the shape of my face and tell me what to do.

Hair is currently nipple length, all one length and purple is growing out atm and is mousy brown underneath. I can't have layers because I just don't have the hair for it. It makes my hair look frizzy and huge and ridiculous. I have had no less than three hairdressers insist that 70s hippy is not a good look and forced layers on me. I looked awful every time.

I fear I'm stuck with never having an actual style to my hair. I don't think I suit a fringe, don't have the features for it.

I'd bloody love really, really short hair but I tried that once too and ended up looking like my very good friend who deliberately styles her own look around what she calls 'dyke chic'. She looks fucking lovely but she is actually gay and it's a whole look. If I had short hair, I'd want to look feminine but I don't, I look androgynous at best. Again, fine, but not what I want.

It's bob or bloody nothing isn't it?

I am rubbish at personal grooming and don't want something that takes blow drying and product and other strange morning behaviours. I currently plait my hair out of the way and go. It's just boring. I'm boring myself typing about it.

IPlayBass Fri 03-Jul-15 14:45:16

It sounds like you have similar hair to me. I've also had the layers put in as insisted by hairdressers and looked awful.

I think I've found the right style now though, I've had it like this for a few years. It's long like yours and is just layered around the front. It means that it has a bit of shape but isn't thick and frizzy. The layers start from low down, around shoulder length, and that helps too.

SaulGood Fri 03-Jul-15 14:47:13

Sort of feathered round the front? Still able to tie it up?

Given the heat atm and the fact that I work out pretty hard 7 days a week, I'm tempted to shave the whole lot off.

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