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Desperately seeking sandals

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Quickchangeup Thu 02-Jul-15 12:11:47

I need a pair of black sandals for general everyday wear. Must have a toe post and do up around the ankle or I will fall over and high street budget. Any ideas? Prefer gladiator style or just something not meh. Thanks

Twinklestar2 Thu 02-Jul-15 12:40:50

Have you looked in New Look?

Quickchangeup Thu 02-Jul-15 13:58:05

Yes I bought some in new look and they broke after 2 wears!

AMcoffeeLover Thu 02-Jul-15 14:16:20

Clarks have a sale on and actually have some nice looking ones smile

Quickchangeup Sat 04-Jul-15 15:31:22

Bump for any new suggestions, still not found any I like!

Fairylea Sat 04-Jul-15 15:42:25

Schuh? Asos? Cloggs?

Tweezertastic Sat 04-Jul-15 16:47:40

Make sure you take the new look ones back!

AMcoffeeLover Sat 04-Jul-15 16:59:37


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