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sandals ebay or not and suggestions.

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SuperFlyHigh Thu 02-Jul-15 12:00:17

Ok got these sandals in sale last summer - they are NOT suede! Anyway wore them yesterday without my beloved Compeed stick that protects against rubbing and the big toes both rubbed.

As I'm also half size really but fit most 4 sizes I bought 2 more sandals but in 5 yesterday.

My big question is - I tend to Ebay/bin sandals which rub/hurt in warm weather, should I wear them in and use the Compeed stick (in case you're wondering it works and protects against rubbing)?

I just don't want to get rid of an otherwise nice pair of sandals which are either too small but also the material (polyurethane rubber/plastic) is very rubby too.

thanks for the read! smile

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