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Same dress, different name?

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GinBunny Thu 02-Jul-15 11:17:40

I've been in contact with Oasis customer services over this but they haven't been able to help, although I am not sure why so asking you lovely MNetters if you have come across this before.

I have seen this dress on the Oasis website called V&A Kilburn Dress.

It is out of stock in my size so tried to find it elsewhere, and found this dress on the House of Fraser website. Same dress in the photos but a different name.

What has happened here do you think? Are HoF referring to a different dress but using the wrong photo? Why would they call the dress something different? My dilemma is that I have ordered this from HoF and have now found it in an Oasis store, I don't want to pay for postage to get it from Oasis if it is the right dress but I don't want Oasis to sell it while I wait for it to be delivered either. Hope that all makes sense!

OwlAtEase Thu 02-Jul-15 11:37:01

I think the HoF dress is the right one, they've just put the wrong title in by error. If you look in the description it says 'designed in London circa 1790 by William Kilburn'. The other Oasis Kilburn pieces on the Oasis website were based on his designs, and the Anna Maria designs had different names. So the picture of the HoF dress matches the description. I also couldn't find any evidence of a cowl drape dress with the HoF name - more evidence they've just made an error with their data entry. So my best guess is you're safe with what you've ordered! If Oasis customer service couldn't help you, HoF might be able to, just to give you more peace of mind?

GinBunny Thu 02-Jul-15 11:51:05

Thanks Owl

I've tried chat on the HOF website but it doesn't work on my PC so I've sent them an email. Not sure what their turn around is, hopefully they'll get back to me today.

I am with you that I think it's just a typing error, I can't find an Anne Marie dress at all, the links just seem to come back to this one.

Very confusing!

TobleroneBoo Thu 02-Jul-15 12:59:11

I had a n issue with HOF before where they had two dresses, same photo but one was cheaper. I ordered the first in one size and the second in the other but one of them had the wrong photo and was slightly different ( different colour, no zip etc).

The one I kept split and when I gave a bad review and mentioned the wrong photos etc they wouldn't publish it on the page

GinBunny Thu 02-Jul-15 14:53:03

That's not good Toblerone.

I think I will be cautious and get the one from Oasis sent by post too. I don't want to lose out on the dress as it's sold out now online.


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