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Tan - is it safe

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Peppaandgeorge01 Thu 02-Jul-15 10:03:28

I always see people that have all year round tans and the general idea is that any sunbed, tablet or injection is bad for you and even dangerous, especially when purchased from and unknown online store. BUT..... I have just seen Holland and barrat are selling tanning tablets with good reviews. Does this mean they are a safe option being they are sold through a reputable company? I would never take anything off line as I know anyone could be producing these things and putting anything they like in them. But coming from a shop like this must have laws in regards to what they sell etc?

specialsubject Thu 02-Jul-15 11:15:27

safe and effective are not the same thing. The beauty and health 'industry' is very clever with its wording and so stays legal while selling items that do nothing.

For example, you look at the well-known chemist chains you will see that they happily sell diet pills and anti-wrinkle creams, neither of which do anything at all.

the wording for these tablets is 'contributes to normal skin pigmentation'. Think about it. What is that actually promising? NOTHING! The instructions say 'take two with a little sun exposure'. Now, what do you think that sun exposure will do? Do you think that if you didn't take the tablets, the sun exposure would have no effect?

the reviews (if genuine) are from people who are sunbathing anyway, and to be fair there is some evidence that l-tyrosine can oompa-loompa you. It probably isn't dangerous.

I also remind you that there are two known cancer-causing things that are perfectly legal to sell: cigarettes and sunbeds.

AMcoffeeLover Thu 02-Jul-15 14:19:58

I have a light golden tan sprayed on.
Its slightly more expensive than high end pills but I know i'm safe.
If I couldn't afford the spray I'd be pale.
Don't risk your heath.

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