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I don't know how to shop for the shape I am now.

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appleusedtobepear Wed 01-Jul-15 23:25:25

Before I had DC's I was an 8-10 and pear shaped. After first DC I lost most of the pregnancy weight but after second I struggled to lose as much. Since hitting my forties I've put on around 2 stone, which doesn't budge no matter how much exercise and careful eating I do. I walk the dog for around an hour a day in the countryside and often do an extra 30 minutes brisk walking most days. My mother is exactly the same as was her mother and my paternal grandmother, so I just put it down to genes.

I'm only 5' and am now a size 18 and apple shaped, but also carry weight on my legs.

Would anyone be able to offer me advice on what sort of style of clothes would help me look slimmer (and if you could advise on what would make me look taller too that would be great) and the best shops to go to. I have never been able to buy proper petite ranges as they never fitted properly (broad back and a longish body).

Anyone else in the same predicament?


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