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A new look! Smart? Sophisticated? Like a grown up

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WaferInMyCoffee Wed 01-Jul-15 20:58:22

I need a new look for a night out. My usual style is fairly casual "fun" clothes, I wear bright colours and a lot of stripes, skater dresses, denim skirt and hoodie type attire.

I want a new look. I want to be smart, sophisticated, dressy. I'm going out to a wine bar with some friends and I don't want to wear my usual polka dot dress and bow in my hair...

I was thinking... Tailored shorts? With some kind of spangly top (for some reason I am thinking gold...) and a blazer? Kimono? (Might not need either if this heat continues!) and heels?!

I am 5ft nothing and fairly overweight - size 14, I think I am apple shaped, I like my legs and I detest my huge stomach... I have really short cropped hair which changes colour weekly...

Any help really appreciated. I feel like I dress a bit like a child and much as I love my style usually for day to day, it would be nice to feel a bit sophisticated and like a grown up for a change!

I plan to go shopping... Please point me in the right direction! I have no idea of current trends or fashion. Please be gentle with me!

Eversobusyeveryday Thu 02-Jul-15 10:05:26

I've just discovered the joys if white jeans. My current going out outfit is white skinnies, bright wedge sandals and a sparkly top. Feels nice and familiar but a bit more dressed up

Skinheadmermaid Thu 02-Jul-15 13:19:47

Don't wear more then three colours, you'll look more put together that way.
Try more muted colours rather then brights? E.g swap bright blue for navy.
Even if you wear your usual style, you will look a bit more chic in muted colours that suit your complexion, without too much fake tan or heavy handed make up. Instead of skater dresses, maybe try a tighter skirt or shorts as you said-with a top with a collar/blouse? Collars make everything look smarter.
Try a silky or sheer material rather then plain cotton/denim.
Personally if i want to look smart then I wear all black with gold jewellery, but black can be draining on a different complexion.
Of course I could be talking a load of balls and feel free to disregard me.

squizita Thu 02-Jul-15 15:31:17

I would say go for black, navy or charcoal with gold or silver.

But bear in mind in my experience nothing makes you feel less comfortable/sophisticated than what I call the "grown up uniform" - something worn purely because it's what our idea of a sophisticated woman wears. I used to live in Surrey where it was like a uniform ... to the extent people would grill me about my lifestyle if I wore anything "alternative". grin So I tried the then uniform of boot cuts and a white shirt (aah tge early 00s) and felt a right fake. Way worse than not fitting in.

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