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It's 29 degrees and I'm wearing pj bottoms.

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Wagglebee Wed 01-Jul-15 17:32:18

I have no clue how to dress for Summer.

I'm currently hidden away in my garden wearing cotton baggy pj bottoms and a vest. Obviously I can't go out like this...can I? <looks hopeful>

Every year I have good intentions and every time it ends in me panicking and buying something baggy and hideous or hiding away because I literally have nothing suitable to wear.

I'm 5'6" a size 10 and hourglass/pear shaped. Very pale skin. 30ff.

What do you wear in Summer?

Can anyone help me put a couple of outfits together please?


Iwonderif Wed 01-Jul-15 17:45:25

Hi. I know that feeling....I'm getting better though at knowing how to dress/what suits me. I love wide legged linen trousers. I'm only 5ft. Size 8/10 & a 30ff too. I'm not comfortable in very strappy vest tops due to boob size so I go for vests with thicker style straps. Maxi skirts with a loose top? Your figure sounds beautiful. I long for those extra inches!! I always look out for summer clothes at the end of the season for literally pennies in some shops then I put them away for the following year. So in a nutshell my summer wardrobe is wide legged linen trousers (not the really baggy sort) vest tops, floaty tops (plain as can't do patterned) maxi skirts (again not really loose style but semi fitted) if I'm just in my back garden I sit in shorts and a t-shirt. Hope that helps. Oh and on my feet are simple wedges or sandals.

Wagglebee Wed 01-Jul-15 17:53:53

Thank you. smile I do need wider straps and maxi skirts are a good idea. Not sure where to start looking though.

Not sure about linen although they sound lovely. The shape would suit me though. I need to start planning ahead so I don't have this panic every year blush

I forgot to put my age in the OP if that'd help anyone, I'm early 30's.

LineRunner Wed 01-Jul-15 17:55:01

Ooh that's a good idea. Thin cotton pjs.

ditavonteesed Wed 01-Jul-15 17:57:30

no help, I am also sat here in my pj's

Wagglebee Wed 01-Jul-15 18:31:08


Nooo, you're supposed to be helping not joining in! wine

gingeroots Wed 01-Jul-15 19:20:21

I like these square neck vests from Bon Marche ,feel a bit more covered up than a normal vest .

Wellwellwell3holesintheground Wed 01-Jul-15 19:21:56

Sainsbury's linen trousers are truly excellent.

Bellebella Wed 01-Jul-15 19:26:05

I am sitting in a pair of my oh's boxers and a vest blush

When I go out it tends to be dresses and shorts. Dresses are nice and simple to wear and keep you cool.

Wagglebee Wed 01-Jul-15 19:36:53

I'd love to find some dresses. Then I'd just have to worry about shoes and I was thinking supergas or that style would be ok.

Uniqlo had some good ones but they have a built in bra. No good for a 30 ff.

Thanks for the vests idea. Found some vests and t shirts on h&m. Dirt cheap but mainly cotton so fine for garden etc.

It's bottoms I have the main problem with. So to speak.

And yy, DH's boxers will be making an appearance soon. So on trend.

SaulGood Wed 01-Jul-15 19:43:05

<looks at pyjama bottoms and thin, threadbare, oversized t-shirt>

Yeah. I have nothing to offer you.

I am v much a fan of covering up when it's hot. I have a weird and annoying condition which means I burn if I so much as step outside in October. I don't like to be topping up the SPF 50 every hour so I wear loose linen/cotton trousers, a long sleeved, v loose cotton top, a loose, thin scarf over my head and round my neck a la a fifties screen siren or a massive floppy straw hat.

I am actually cooler and more comfortable in loose cotton sleeves and trousers than in a short cotton vest type dress with lots of suncream.

SaulGood Wed 01-Jul-15 19:45:50

Oh and if you have a Tesco nearby, their current palazzo trousers come in many patterns and colours and are loose, cool and I quite like them. For example.

Lucked Wed 01-Jul-15 20:14:34

Dresses are easier because you only have to put on one piece of clothing and your done. I am wearing this Boden dress with saltwater sandals but also wear it with superga.i have a denim jacket for cooler days.

I prefer a looser top and more fitted trousers because I am currently a bit lumpy around the middle. Just don't do both wide leg trousers and a loose top or you will just look like a big rectangle.

WorldsBiggestGrotbag Wed 01-Jul-15 20:17:55

If it makes you feel any better I'm in DH's pj's! I am 39 weeks pregnant though...
Sounds like you have a great figure, although agree it's a massive pain to dress big boobs in the summer. Mine are a 32G so anything strapless/thin strapped is out which limits your options somewhat! I tend to go for dressers with thicker straps, I look awful in baggy/linen type trousers and my legs are my best/slimmest feature.

Getdownfromtherethisinstant Wed 01-Jul-15 21:39:36

Linen trousers rub the inside of my thighs raw. I don't understand why everyone raves about them in summer. Where am I going wrong??

Toffeelatteplease Wed 01-Jul-15 21:53:30

H&m do some gorgeous long cotton maxi-skirts, in a variety of colours as part of their basics. I can't find them online.

I think primark had some as well

Wagglebee Wed 01-Jul-15 22:30:11

I'm not too sure about very wide legged trousers but thank you for suggesting things. I will try some on as I could be wrong.

I've just placed an epic sized order at H&M. Even if I just end up with a couple of items to wear around the house and in the garden it'll be a start. Ordered some cool looking cotton pjs too. I need to ban myself from pjs.

I like the shape of that Boden dress. I do have a denim jacket that I like already. I'd forgotten about it.

Linen looks like a screw up sack on me after about 3 minutes Getdown

I'm determined to crack it this year. I guess I want some lounging around house/garden/dog walk things plus some nice Summer dresses for days out. Thank you for all the advice and suggestions, it's a big help.

Any more ideas, suggestions or pj bottom wearing solidarity very welcome. winecake

Iwonderif Wed 01-Jul-15 23:12:19

Wagglebee I'm 36 and it's taken me many years to figure out what looks good on me and what looks plain flipping awful. I look at some women in their effortless summer garb and I just think "how!!" I'm sure you'll find some fab stuff now you kinda know what direction to go in. My linen trousers are quite a thick linen (if that makes sense?) so they hang well. I used to have some thinner ones which made me look like a clown. Baggy bum and no shape throughout the leg. The ones I aim for start to go slightly wider at the knee to quite wide around the hem. If you want me to PM you a photo I will.

Wagglebee Thu 02-Jul-15 02:41:17

Yes please Iwonder smile Only if it's no hassle. A thicker linen sounds better. The clown pants is exactly the effect they've had in the past.

Wagglebee Thu 02-Jul-15 02:47:29

The silly thing is that I have no problem with Autumn/Winter clothes. I love boots, coats, accessorises, dresses with opaques...I love shopping for new stuff as soon as A/W hits the shops but Summer dressing has me baffled. grin

MyFriendsCallMeOh Thu 02-Jul-15 02:53:02

I've lived in very hot countries for the past 8 years (38C is a normal day in July). I wear shorts (like everyone else) or cotton or linen trousers with floaty shirts or Tshirts. These pyjama bottoms are designed to be worn outside the house - I think they're quite cute and a great cause.

IJustLostTheGame Thu 02-Jul-15 08:50:26

I am top heavy and have found these vests very flattering$$ja=cgid:8743098355%7ctsid:44970%7ccid:176423035%7clid:91134274195%7cnw:g%7ccrid:50747670715%7crnd:5824421835128171314%7cdvc:m%7cadp:1o1%7cmt:%7cbku:1&pid=217799361

gingeroots Thu 02-Jul-15 09:14:20

What fabric are they lostthegame ?

Twinklestar2 Thu 02-Jul-15 09:17:48

Ooh I love that Boden dress... Love spots! Would look lovely with my new strappy silver flats!

OP you sound like you have a lovely figure.

Superherosidekick Thu 02-Jul-15 09:25:27

I am about your size OP and I am wearing Gap chino shorts and a wide strapped vest (gap/m&s/Matalan) and gladiator sandals or superga. I also wear dresses from esprit or maxi dresses from Biden.

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