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Beachwear for full bust 16-18 for family event

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Kangaroosjump Tue 30-Jun-15 23:35:38

Got an event coming up where male relatives (uncles, cousins, grandad etc) will be... (On a beach, not a wedding - I'll totally be a spoilsport if I don't get in the water)

If it was just the girls my usual swimsuit where I'm a bit booby wouldn't bother me... But I feel I would feel "exposed" with all the men there...

Everyone but me is a skinny Minnie so I'm going to feel extra self concious as it is

But I can't find anything that's both covering bum & thighs and not showing a chest bum of cleavage that is suitable for being in the water and out on the beach in...

What are you all wearing this summer?

HellonHeels Wed 01-Jul-15 09:57:35

Sounds like you need a swimsuit and some clothing to wear over the top?

Do you need leg-covering swimsuit or just want to cover your legs when you're not swimming?

I'd put a simple maxi dress over the swimsuit, would that work?

HellonHeels Wed 01-Jul-15 10:00:58

Not sure what to advise about the swimsuit. 50s style halter neck maybe? Leg suits are easily available but they tend to be functional rather than attractive. Plain swimsuit with board shorts over the top is a look I've seen a few women swim in - looks quite sporty and doesn't show too much leg / bum.

HellonHeels Wed 01-Jul-15 10:01:55

bravissimo is good for supportive swimsuits and they have styles that aren't too revealing.

Candra Wed 01-Jul-15 14:42:51

Get a swimsuit and floaty kaftan from M&S.

LaCerbiatta Wed 01-Jul-15 16:30:55

Any suits with legs, tankinis, shorts over the costume will look odd and draw attention to those areas. Just wear a good quality, 1 piece swimming costume, those slimming ones with ruching in the waist. And maybe wear a kaftan or a sarong when not in the water

Kangaroosjump Wed 01-Jul-15 18:41:26

Iv seen some Swimdress which perhaps might work plus a pair of shorts so it looks more like top & shorts than anything?

SilverHawk Wed 01-Jul-15 19:23:22

Have a look at Joules. A lot is sold out on line but still in the shops (get shop to order). Everything goes together. I was very tempted by some near the till last week.

Marylou2 Wed 01-Jul-15 19:36:18

I'm a similar size and I wear bikinis. I get proper bra sized ones,usually halter necks from Figleaves. I like Freya and Fantasie best.I spent years covered up and feeling self conscious but I've now come to terms with the fact that I'll never be skinny but I can wear beautiful,bright well fitted swimwear and enjoy myself on holiday. Do you judge every woman you see in swimwear? Thought not....and no-one's judging you. Have a fabulous .

daisyJ123 Wed 01-Jul-15 19:37:35

Bravissimo. Amazing.

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