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Anyone know where I can get a pair of mid-length shorts on the high street?

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Electroswing Tue 30-Jun-15 10:52:46

Hi all. I'm new to S & B, wondering if anyone can give me a hand? I'm looking for some shorts that come to the knee or just above. I don't reveal my thighs because of thread veins (grim) but want something to wear in this hot weather. Trouble is I've just had a baby so it's hard to find the time to go hunting round the shops! Has anyone seen anything like this in the standard high street shops? I'm a size 12, easy on the colour and would like natural fibre & not v tight. Thanks in advance!

Hoppinggreen Tue 30-Jun-15 11:17:30

How about Next? They have chino shorts in various colours.
Not many in store but you can order online and then just pop in to collect if you don't want to pay for home delivery
Or have a look in sainsburys if you have a decent sized one near you.

slalomsuki Tue 30-Jun-15 13:06:58

M & S had some in yesterday that stopped just above the knee and had a high waist. They were in 3 colours, stone, navy and black and cotton. They also had linen ones but I didn't buy any.

HumphreyCobbler Tue 30-Jun-15 13:10:19

white stuff have nice linen shorts, mid length with an elasticated waist. Just right for my expanding waistline when on holiday.

SwingingBalls Tue 30-Jun-15 13:10:59

New Look had some in denim. Above the knee with a turn up. I think they were skinny as opposed to a looser fit.

Electroswing Tue 30-Jun-15 13:41:32

Thanks! Lots of great suggestions there. Think I'll try Next as I've got some vouchers. Cheers all smile

Nettletheelf Tue 30-Jun-15 14:58:26

Dotty P had some nice ones. Cotton, too.

Pantsalive Tue 30-Jun-15 15:31:40

I was coming on the say Dotty P. I get them there every couple of years. Always seem to have a few.

elfofftheshelf Tue 30-Jun-15 16:46:18

Gap - Linen Boyfriend shorts are lovely and they come in all colours. They were £10 off last week too.

wokeupwithasmile Tue 30-Jun-15 20:19:24

Next all the way. I am super particular about shorts and after trying those ones on I bought all the colours!!

andadietcoke Tue 30-Jun-15 20:20:58

I've got the Next ones in three colours too. I roll them down so they're longer.

MrsKravitzFromAcrossTheStreet Tue 30-Jun-15 23:29:44

I got some nice chino shorts from Peacocks this week, they're in the sale at the moment too

They're really comfy and flattering and available in a few colours.

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