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Summer bargains

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BrittaTheNeedlesslyDefiant Tue 30-Jun-15 10:18:39

I got this dress and this one and love them! They are 100% cotton, simple, comfortable and cheap. Nice and long too, brushing my feet at 5'6" smile

I am sure they won't be to everyone's taste, I am a comfort hound much more than a style hound, so no need to comment just to say EWW FRUMPY or whatever. Just thought I'd share for those of us who like a nice easy throw-on-and-go thing in natural fibres grin

Also bought these sandals and love them too, they are leather and v comfy smile

Naicecuppatea Tue 30-Jun-15 10:35:04

Love the dresses, just my style, unfortunately not my size sad

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