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RapidBrow - anywhere / anything cheaper?

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JenniMoo Tue 30-Jun-15 08:18:57

Just finished my first pack of this and have had amazing results on my over plucked brows. However it's now nearly £30 on Amazon and way more everywhere else I've looked. And some are saying that ones from Amazon have been fakes...
Any ideas for other products or places to buy? I don't want to lose these lovely brows!

MaryMarigold Tue 30-Jun-15 08:41:35

Tesco stock a product called Eye Candy Lash xlr8 which works for me. It's £19.99 at the mo although I'm sure it was cheaper before. Having said all that, I haven't tried Rapid Brow so I can't really compare the two!

JenniMoo Tue 30-Jun-15 09:36:04

I used that one before and didn't find it as effective sad
Thanks for posting though.

Judydreamsofhorses Tue 30-Jun-15 12:09:15

I buy Rapidlash from Amazon and it's definitely not fake, but I've heard good things about using castor oil with great results.

GoingHomeNow Tue 30-Jun-15 13:06:37

Yup, the beautician I go to recommends castor oil too, although I haven't tried it. I didn't notice any positive effects from RapidBrow I have to admit.

JenniMoo Thu 02-Jul-15 13:28:31

I don't really want to risk the progress I've made by trying castor oil...
I went to Amazon to buy and the price has dropped £5, so only £24 now so I feel a little better about it!

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