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What to wear to wedding with this dress

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TattieHowkerz Mon 29-Jun-15 19:21:23

SIL's wedding is coming up, and I have bought the Phase Eight Fonteyn floral mesh dress to wear. Link below. Sorry I am on IPad and can't do clicky links.

I am not sure what to wear with this. A jacket or something? Would really appreciate any suggestions on this, and on shoes! My MIL was expecting hats. I don't think I will wear one, but do want to look like I have made a decent effort.

I am 6ft tall, size 10. I imagine I will wear sheer skin toned tights or micro nets.

Wishful80sMontage Mon 29-Jun-15 19:23:27

Where and when is the wedding? Is it in uk? Just thinking about weather

Wishful80sMontage Mon 29-Jun-15 19:26:53

You could play safe show wise and go for nude heels. But I would pick one of the others out of the dress and get the shoes in that colour some lovely green or pink shoes in Dune at the min
These are mid-heel shoes I'm tall and don't like superhighway shoes but you might be braver than me

TattieHowkerz Mon 29-Jun-15 19:28:44

Scottish wedding, so we can't take anything for granted weather wise!

Love the dies of a light coloured shoe. That hadn't even occurred to me. Will take a look at Dune.

TattieHowkerz Tue 30-Jun-15 07:27:02

A wee bump to help me decide what to wear jacket wise.

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