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Santorini Wedding..Kaftan

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smellylittleorange Sun 28-Jun-15 22:04:08

Do you think I could get away with wearing a Kaftan type affair to a cliff top wedding in Santorini? DH is giving my sis away so not sure how casual I can get away with I have sparkly silver shoes. Have seen one which is just below knee length so not really short .??

MrsCocoa Mon 29-Jun-15 00:15:25

Potentially yes - do you have a link?

smellylittleorange Mon 29-Jun-15 00:33:14

something like this

I would wear a slip underneath

these are shoes I have

I'm not sure about pattern on above may make me look frumpy am 5 ft 7 hourglass

Jenda Mon 29-Jun-15 00:51:33

I'm torn. I think it looks quite beachy and could be shapeless depending on your figure. But those are lovely shoes and maybe with the right jewellery and bag it could work.

I think for me it's the pattern and colour I'm not sure about

MyFriendsCallMeOh Mon 29-Jun-15 00:52:11

Sorry, don't like either. I think the kaftan is too beachy and the shoes are just wrong. How about this ? I would stack loads of fine gold bangles (look at Indian shops) and flat shoes for a cliff top wedding, maybe flat gold sandals?

LaceyLee Mon 29-Jun-15 01:35:56

I don't think they go together and that particular kaftan looks a bit cheapo. If you want a relaxed vibe you could do a maxi dress with a big necklace and probably flats.

LaceyLee Mon 29-Jun-15 01:37:19

I don't think they go together and that particular kaftan looks a bit cheapo. If you want a relaxed vibe you could go for a maxi dresses with a big necklace and probably flats.

Out2pasture Mon 29-Jun-15 01:49:53

high heels generally don't work well at outdoor weddings.

Icarustoohightofly Mon 29-Jun-15 02:34:30

I've recently been to santorini
- many people dress up just to be there - so they look fabulous with the fabulous views - think long brightly coloured dresses and big hats or Jackie Kennedy type dresses
- there are quite a few brides wandering around with photographers getting photos done all over the place - adds to the 'dressy up' feeling
- if you are cliff side on the caldera (eg Oia) then don't worry about high heels as they certainly won't sink in the volcanic rock - not like a normal beach wedding
- many of the restaurants and hotels have fabulous furniture and style
- Young greeks are quite dressy and stylish

In summary - I would be more worried about being under dressed than over dressed at a wedding in Santorini

onthering Mon 29-Jun-15 02:42:48

Its completely see-through. Its designed to go over a bikini/swimming costume on the beach. With a slip underneath its going to look like two layers of bedroom wear. More boudoir than casual. You need to find a proper dress, sorry.

Dowser Mon 29-Jun-15 09:10:16

Is there a reason why you would prefer not to wear a proper dress?

prepperpig Mon 29-Jun-15 09:12:31

You definitely need to dress up mrs for Santorini. That doesn't look at all appropriate to me. You'll look like you've just wandered in off the beach. Sorry

prepperpig Mon 29-Jun-15 09:12:45

"More", not "Mrs"

burnishedsilver Mon 29-Jun-15 09:13:30

I agree with the other posters. It's not suitable.

louloubelle2 Mon 29-Jun-15 09:27:34

I don't see anything wrong with a kaftan style but its got to be a proper dress, and not with those shoes. Sparkly flats or wedges. If you already have the shoes and need to wear them, then go for something less floaty.

MamaLazarou Mon 29-Jun-15 09:44:42

Sorry, it looks like a cheap swimsuit cover up.

How about something like this:

yakari Mon 29-Jun-15 10:07:05

I think the thing about weddings is you have to ask whether when you look at the photographs in 10 years time, will you wonder "OMG what was I thinking off!" and I think kaftan's just won't stand the test of time. I also think you need to check with the bride - how casual, is "casual". Clifftop weddings can still be fairly glam!

So you have flat silver sandels which are actually quite dressy - I would go for a simple shift dress, or this

If you really want to do floaty, I don't think they are the right shoes but something more like this but you need very plain flat sandels

smellylittleorange Mon 29-Jun-15 11:26:24

Thanks all - I will order but for beach only. the problem is I am chubby and need to cover up my arms - not much of the stuff I like is available in my size. There are some lovely floaty stuff but in reality it will only suit size 6 skinny people..I would look like a heffer. I also know it will reaaaaaally hot so panicking about that . I think |I was attracted to dress because of colours.

Maxi dresses make me look pregnant - I like the Kimono sleeve style an dthe shift dress yakari I like the boohoo dress Mama and I love those sandals

this was the dress I was going to wear but I am to fat for it

Hoppinggreen Mon 29-Jun-15 11:35:57

I'm chubby too and that Kaftan would make me look even chubbier - and it's too beachy.
I was looking for a beach kaftan On Amazon last night and saw some nice dressier ones, maybe have another look?

louloubelle2 Mon 29-Jun-15 13:06:32

That particular kaftan is polyester, you'll be a sweaty and uncomfortable in 5 mins in that.

If you like the big sleeves, I've just put in kimono dress into the John Lewis search and a few proper dresses came up, amongst the beach cover ups. Something like this, which would also work with your shoes?

zouzou1 Tue 30-Jun-15 23:28:03

Why not that will be a nice idea, especially if you have used a place overlooking the caldera.

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