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Where to buy Dermalogica online?

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SheHasAWildHeart Sun 28-Jun-15 21:37:43

I bought a Dermalogica kit this week following a skin mapping. Didn't realise until I got home and opened up the box just how tiny the moisturiser tube is! I was wondering if anyone knew of any good sites where I can buy dermalogica products please.

MoustacheofRonSwanson Mon 29-Jun-15 08:21:21

plentiful free samples that you get to choose, plus free gifts and keen pricing

SheHasAWildHeart Mon 29-Jun-15 15:51:59

Thank you!

Indecisivejo Mon 29-Jun-15 16:37:10

I second smile

Melonfool Mon 29-Jun-15 17:20:48

I've used these:

OrianaBanana Mon 29-Jun-15 20:25:47

I use beauty flash smile

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