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What do we think of this nail colour?

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CainInThePunting Sun 28-Jun-15 21:34:33

Nicely neutral?
Reminds me of my Nan?

I can't decide.

<<wish I knew how to photoshop my fingers to look less stumpy>>

Bunbaker Sun 28-Jun-15 21:38:14

I think it is rather dull and boring. Sorry.

Gem124 Sun 28-Jun-15 21:40:08

A bit too 'sore skin' coloured for my liking. Sorry :-/

QueenQueenie Sun 28-Jun-15 21:43:03

Sorry , but YUK.
Is it called 'Germolene'?

CainInThePunting Sun 28-Jun-15 21:47:29

I'm glad I asked here, last time I put it on I took it off straight away. It is a bit germolene isn't it.

DonkeyOaty Sun 28-Jun-15 21:50:55

God I ADORE Germolene


I like it. Nude suede kinda vibe

LHReturns Sun 28-Jun-15 21:52:09

You have lovely nails...

CainInThePunting Sun 28-Jun-15 22:15:50

Well, I blame Kate Moss, it's her Rimmel London Salon Pro range called Soul Session.

Thanks LHR, this time last month I had revolting stumps of flaky mess but I've been using OPI nail strengthener and it really works.

Note: Other nail strengtheners are available.

WanderWomble Sun 28-Jun-15 22:41:19

I think the colour is fine but it doesn't work with your skin tone.

Pedestriana Sun 28-Jun-15 22:48:28

It's more normal than my nails smile

CainInThePunting Sun 28-Jun-15 22:49:38

That's a good point WanderWomble, I like it in the bottle but not on my nails.

CainInThePunting Sun 28-Jun-15 22:52:38

You have to show now Pedestriana! Pic please.

Iliveinalighthousewith2friendl Sun 28-Jun-15 22:55:18

Not my thing. I like people to see I'm wearing nail polish. I agree it's a bit boring.
If you are looking for light colours pale pink is nice very elegant and sophisticated. If that's the look you're going for

Selks Sun 28-Jun-15 22:59:57

I've got that same shade and used it on my toenails and decided it looked...odd. Like a weird nude shade as if I had no toe nails.
Repainted them in a rather retro frosted copper and they look great now.

TripTrapTripTrapOverTheBridge Sun 28-Jun-15 23:02:20

I have that nail varnish and can never decide if I like it or not. But I have pale skin so it looks more coloured/obvious on me

Pedestriana Sun 28-Jun-15 23:02:26

They're really messy as I was doing them in the half-light.
Thumb is dark metallic blue, index finger = indigo blue, middle finger = dark green, ring finger = dark copper, little finger = metallic teal blue. All with a coat of smoky dark green glitter.
I'll tidy it up in the morning before I go out.

Oh, and my toes match.

CainInThePunting Sun 28-Jun-15 23:04:29

I'm afraid boring is just me, I wear bold colours like reds and even black for nights out and special occasions but for day to day I tend to prefer clear or French polish type. This was an attempt to mix it up with a different shade of neutral!

WanderWomble Sun 28-Jun-15 23:04:45

I have a fantastic jewel green polish that is amazing in the bottle but looks crap on my nails.

CainInThePunting Sun 28-Jun-15 23:11:00

Wow Pedestriana, I like it! My favourites are the copper and the teal blue, in fact I have a teal blue in my collection...might go for it and give my colleagues a shock!

SqueezyCheeseWeasel Sun 28-Jun-15 23:11:33


nothruroad Sun 28-Jun-15 23:14:02

I have that colour and I love it. I have very pale skin and only use one coat though. People often compliment it and ask me what it is. I lent it to my sister and it looked awful on her. I think nudes very much depend on your skin tone to look okay.

CainInThePunting Sun 28-Jun-15 23:24:41

I've decided to leave the Germolene on for tomorrow, I can't be arsed to redo them tonight.
That is only one coat on there but I have the nail straightener as a base coat. I might save it for winter as I'm actually quite pale skinned but my hands go brown at the slightest glimmer of sunlight.

Thanks for all your comments, very useful.

Devora Sun 28-Jun-15 23:31:41

You DO have beautiful nails, OP. And I quite like that nail varnish. But I don't think it works with your skin tone. Like me, you have quite a lot of red in your skin and that makes nudes tricky.

CainInThePunting Sun 28-Jun-15 23:37:10

*strengthener. Don't use straighteners on my nails! It must be bed time.

Nettletheelf Sun 28-Jun-15 23:37:26

What in god's name is a 'nail straightener'? Have you got curly nails or something?

The nail colour is a bit 'nan', in answer to your question. Sorry.

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