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Online style/body shape analysis?

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rockybalboa Sun 28-Jun-15 21:09:44

Does anyone know of such a service? For the last two days in a row I have got dressed and then realised later in the day that what I was wearing does me absolutely no favours at all. Wrong shapes, wrong styles, wrong combination etc. I do have things that I get right but I seem to be getting it wrong quite a lot at the moment. I have recently given up my professional office job to be a SAHM and I was quite good at picking office stuff that worked for me but it doesn't seem to translate so well into every day casual. We have recently moved to the back of beyond so no chance of a sneaky trip into John Lewis to see the personal shopper and anyway, I want more of a general idea of what shapes/styles suit me so I can buy stuff in cheaper shops/supermarkets (ie not John Lewis). Kind of like the old Trinny & Susannah body shape books but I never quite figured out which shape I was and found it all rather confusing. I don't want to pay a fortune for the service either (because I can't afford to) but I'm sick of making clothing mistakes and as the focus of my wardrobe has shifted, I feel I need a bit of help.

I've done a bit of googling but can't quite find what I want. I don't want someone to select three specific outfits for me, I want a list of do's and dont's like for my body shapes: so yes to: tulip skirts, maxi dresses, fitted vest tops, cropped trousers or no to: short shorts, harem pants, gypsy tops, swing tops etc (just as examples).

Anyone able to recommend such a service please?

chanie44 Mon 29-Jun-15 06:06:47

Dressippi is a site where you put in your shape and measurement and it will tell you what suits you and links to stuff instore.

I get ideas from blogs for everyday wear:
Susie so so
Glam Rosie
In mamas wardrobe
Does my bun look 40

Putting me together - American, but has some useful tutorials.

oigetoffmycheese Mon 29-Jun-15 06:55:35

I don't know about online but a friend is a stylist and he always says it's about balance. So if you have big hips balance them out by wearing something wider across the shoulders- like boat necks, shoulder detailing etc. if you are broad across the top then wear a-line skirts or wider legged trousers. Does that make sense.

Also never think that if you have a big bum you have to cover it up with tunics etc - that just makes you look bigger. Show off your waist and if you don't have one, use belts to give you one.

rockybalboa Mon 29-Jun-15 11:55:13

Thanks both of you. I do follow Putting Me Together which has helped me reinvent some outfits, it's more the do's and don'ts of my shape. Both the outfits I wore this weekend were blog inspired but they just didn't look right on me and my shape. I will check out Dressipi though.

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