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Coastingit Sun 28-Jun-15 20:40:51

Any tips?

I have had a revelation today that rosacea is the reason I have redness across my cheeks and nose.

I use Cetaphil to cleanse, Cerave PM to moisturise but need more moisture badly. I have stopped using my beloved Nivea blue pot

gaggiagirl Sun 28-Jun-15 20:44:44

La Roche posay. Rosaliac intense and cicaplast. have a third off these products this month. Boots sell them too. Cicaplast in particular has helped me no end.

Coastingit Sun 28-Jun-15 20:47:00

Oops baby pressed send with her foot grin

Nivea was v soothing but also pore clogging.

I have an aha toner - Bravura calendula - but want a salycilic one too to declog pores and I think salycilic is good for rosacea?

Product recommendations much appreciated. I don't do any physical exfoliation, no flannels and only rinse with water and my fingers, and pat dry.

Coastingit Sun 28-Jun-15 20:47:59

Ooh a reply! I have Cicaplast and have been using after acid toning which I do twice a week.

Coastingit Sun 28-Jun-15 20:49:55

Gaggia would you mind posting your skincare regime?

gaggiagirl Sun 28-Jun-15 20:56:02

Sure thing:
Camomile cleansing butter to remove make up, I only use it with warm water no cloths.
Effaclar face wash for mornings only. I think its a bit drying.
Cicaplast all over in the AM
Nutritic intense all over PM
Dermalogica gentle cream exfoliating mask once a week.

Coastingit Sun 28-Jun-15 21:23:15

I am so tempted just to copy your routine, that all looks lovely!

Not sure about the effaclar though as I have dry skin. I do get spots though so thought Paula's choice salycilic lotion might be good for that but will wait until next month I think so I don't change too much at once.

I like Cetaphil so will stick with that as my cleanser, I have been wanting to try the BS camomile oil cleanser so will purchase that too and use that as first cleanse in the evening, I have used Shu Uemura cleansing oils in the past and my skin liked them.

gaggiagirl Sun 28-Jun-15 21:52:14

My skin loves the cleansing butter. Its cheaper on Amazon and will Last 3 months of daily use. I dont think my skin cares too much for the effaclar but it doesn't make it any worse at least and its good for the zits.
For make up borjouis cc foundation is very good too.

martikaskitchenaid Mon 29-Jun-15 08:17:13

Paula's Choice 1% BHA lotion is fabulous and is the one cosmetic product that's made the most difference to my rosacea. I've tried the PC cleanser and moisturisers and they're OK, but the stand out products in her line for me are the BHA lotion and possibly the Skin Recovery serum.

But I have to say that the only thing that can make an overnight difference to a bad outbreak is the prescription tetracycline tablets/finacea cream I've got on standby.

LassieKillsChickens Mon 29-Jun-15 09:06:30

In addition be sure to find out what your triggers are. For me it's red wine, tomatoes hot food. As well as extremes in temperature (saunas, hot sunny days, cold crisp days). Sun protection is essential.

PourMyselfACupOfAmbition Mon 29-Jun-15 13:17:54

If you get on well with Cetaphil cleanser, have you tried their moisturiser?

I've also heard good things about Dermalex.

DameDiazepamTheDramaQueen Mon 29-Jun-15 13:23:22

Ditch Cetaphil , it's horrible stuff and harsh, contains nasties.

I've had great success with using E45 emolient wash to double cleanse then I use Allergenics cream from Holland and Barrett to moisturise.

Not fancy but has made such a difference.

lovetomatoes Mon 29-Jun-15 19:43:42

Dermalex won't do wonders but it's lovely and soothing if you get the red, angry flaky thing.
The best product I've used so far is Avene Cleanance gel cleanser. I'd never have gone near something labelled "for young, oily skin" but it is the absolute business. I use it at night-time and it is effective at taking off make-up(a criticism I've heard of Cetaphil)
Besides that I concur with everything everyone else has said about avoiding obvious triggers and wearing sunscreen spf50 daily. Aim to make you diet as anti-inflammatory as possible with plenty of good fats, not too much dairy and as little sugar as you can manage. I've never got around to keeping a food diary but certain foods definitely set me off.
Household cleaners and other strong chemicals can also set me off.

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