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Pigmanorm - Anyone tried it?

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AppleYumYum Sun 28-Jun-15 20:39:15

Sick of battling my hyperpigmentation/melasma. Lots of people saying it works, though I wonder if it is like using Obaji Clear and Retin A?

Anyone tried it? What did you think? Could you get it from your GP and on the NHS?

Any dermatologists around? I'd love to ask a technical question about melasma treatment...

AppleYumYum Mon 29-Jun-15 20:07:20

No one then? sad

Shama21 Wed 15-Jul-15 08:18:30


yes - I've used it and finished my treatment - it's brilliant! smile

dixiejo Thu 16-Jul-15 13:37:01

I'm also very interested in this.
Shama did you get it from your doctor or go to a private dermatologist?
Anyone else used it?

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