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Naicecuppatea Sun 28-Jun-15 19:01:43

As I am nearing 40 I am getting more and more freckles on my face. It is annoying me now as there are several above my upper lip that make me look like I have a moustache! I use SPF 50 every day in the summer but it doesn't seem to prevent the freckles coming at the first sign of sun. Is there any way to reduce them?

I've just got an Avene suncream instead of the Boots Soltan that I usually use so I hope that might be better, but obviously not going to get rid of the numerous ones I have.

kiwigirl42 Tue 30-Jun-15 08:32:03

I've got lots of freckles too, mostly due to sun damage from childhood spent in the sun.. I wear at least factor 30 every day year round, increasing to factor 50 if I'm going into the sun. Vitamin C serum and Niacinamide can both help with fading pigmentation. You can make your own vitamin c serum - it loses potency unless ferrulic acid is added to the ingredients of any you purchase so watch for this

This is a great thread to follow for skincare tips and links:

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