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what to put on just epilated skin?

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RavioliOnToast Sun 28-Jun-15 18:15:38

I've just epilated my legs and they're red and dotty. what can I.put on?

RavioliOnToast Sun 28-Jun-15 18:16:49

I have an after wax lotion from the wholesalers which is a calming one, would that work?

Fatstacks Sun 28-Jun-15 18:20:04

Fairy breath or another vair gentle breeze!

Mine even hurt the next day.sad

RavioliOnToast Sun 28-Jun-15 18:25:16

my skin isn't sore now, just looks angry. my jaw is fucking killing from clenching my teeth though grin

UnderATennerAtTiffanys Sun 28-Jun-15 18:33:55

Lotion not a very good idea as it'll clog your pores up. I use things that contain variations of:
Salicyclic acid
Witch hazel
Tea tree oil.

You got anything in the house with any of those in? For next time, buy some Tend Skin. It's brilliant. Calms everything down and stops you getting ingrown hairs.

DeathMetalMum Sun 28-Jun-15 18:34:25

I haven't found anything to put on that helps reduce the spots but if I bath beforehand it's not as bad. A bit unhelpful I'm afraid.

daftyburd Sun 28-Jun-15 18:39:04

I use Sudocreme then shower the next day. Don't know if that's why I never get red, spotty legs? Never have ingrown hairs either.

RavioliOnToast Sun 28-Jun-15 18:53:37

Under I have pure tea tree oil, in a little bottle, I also have clearasil pads, they have acid in them. I'm sat next to a giant pot of sudocrem, my black fabric sofa is putting me off using it though grin

UnderATennerAtTiffanys Mon 29-Jun-15 13:09:24

Clearasil pads would be good - they ought to have salicylic acid in them. And I'm sure sudocrem has zinc in which is also very soothing. How are your legs today?

RavioliOnToast Mon 29-Jun-15 13:23:48

they're fine today, it looks as though a couple of the follicles have scabbed over mind but I'll go in the shower again tonight and scrub with a scrunchie thing grin

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