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Compliment or Am I Doing This Wrong?

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LassieKillsChickens Sun 28-Jun-15 17:11:00

Two friends commented on how good my skin is, and "wow, you're not wearing any make up". But I was. Bare Minerals Complexion Rescue with a bit of Liz Earle bronzer on top. I had a little eye pencil on and some mascara. I didn't have blusher on (sometimes I do, sometimes I don't but I know I should really as am pale). And Chanel Boy nude lipstick.

I don't like a lot of make up. I thought I was going for a natural look but now I'm wondering if it's pointless and I need to go get some advice! Or is the aim to look good but as if you're not wearing any? I'm aware this may come across as a stealth boast, but it's really not. I have always looked after my skin. Am 45. It's in good condition as far as smoothness etc (and I do get roseacea but manage it well) and I'm not worried about fine lines (do have some). I hate the deep lines that are forming though. So I don't look young for my years.

acatcalledjohn Sun 28-Jun-15 17:22:33

It's a compliment. You've done something right if you've managed to make it look natural.

burnishedsilver Sun 28-Jun-15 18:44:49

People have said the same to me. I like to think its a compliment but sometimes I wonder if I need to go a bit heaver on the make up.

polyhymnia Sun 28-Jun-15 19:07:43

Definitely a compliment. Butt I I have a very strong preference for a natural look and hate obvious make-up - bright lips, powdery foundation, spiky sooty eyelashes, obvious blusher, etc, etc.

I do tint lashes and brows though, for definition.and wear lip balm or, sometimes, barely there lipstick. And sheer neutral eye shadow for really dressed up occasions.

LassieKillsChickens Mon 29-Jun-15 08:57:40

Thank you. Maybe a bit of blusher makes all the difference. As you say burnished sometimes I think I should go heavier but certainly a heavier foundation makes me want to wipe it all off!

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