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Ear Cuffs

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BloomWherePlanted Sat 27-Jun-15 22:56:13

I've had my upper ear pierced twice in the last couple of years. I loved it - had a little diamond stud - but neither time worked out well. First time it was with a gun and it never healed and I got a keloid. Took it out after about a year because it wasn't getting any better. Second time I had the other ear done, with a needle pushed through (omg I nearly passed out afterwards!). I thought this time would be okay because the skin is actually being removed but no, the same thing happened and after a year I admitted defeat and took it out. Both holes have closed up fine and the keloids disappeared within a few weeks. During the period of having the earrings in I was using tea tree oil to try to help with the healing process. Obviously it's not worth trying again, but I loved my little stud. A friend suggested an ear cuff instead so I'm trying to find one. Something subtle and plain for up to 50 quid, in silver.

I quite like this one although it looks quite big

silver ear cuff

I quite like the style of this one but wouldn't want gold

gold ear cuff

Has anyone got one? Do they stay on?


WanderWomble Sat 27-Jun-15 23:23:53

Etsy has a huge range, starting from very cheap!

70isaLimitNotaTarget Sat 27-Jun-15 23:37:23

It depends on your earlobe - mine hasn't got as much of a curl as the photo in the etsy link.

I bought a stud+chain+cuff. It was sterling silver so I could 'pinch' the cuff but it spend 99% of it's time dangling off the chain (so as least I didn't lose it because the stud was in)

Try it but start with a smallish silver one.

Try Claires maybe, they have them, sometimes jewellery on a 3 for 2

BloomWherePlanted Sun 28-Jun-15 08:59:53

Thank you. I like that first one wander.

WanderWomble Sun 28-Jun-15 23:07:36

Me too. I've seen some silver wire ones which are lovely but can't seem to find them now!

BloomWherePlanted Thu 09-Jul-15 15:03:12

Just to let you know wander that the ear cuff arrived a week ago and I've lived in it ever since. Love it. Thank you x

Christinamadeit Sun 12-Jul-15 01:15:13

I just wanted to say a huge thank you for sharing the link to one of my ear cuffs in my Etsy shop, I've had a big increase in views via this thread since it was posted, so thank you.

Christina x

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