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Dressing for a wedding

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pissovski Sat 27-Jun-15 20:53:23

A good friend is getting married in August and I need to find something to wear. I know its "usual" to wear a dress, and I suppose I could if push came to shove. However, I am a 16 - 18, and would have to wear some kind of iron knickers/all in one contraption to hold everything in, and tights too. Bearing in mind we will be there all day, and have to travel about 1 hour to get there, I think I might melt if its a hot day! I am sure virtually all the other women of my age (ish, range 30 -40) will wear dresses, but they are all fairly slim and pretty - I am not!

I am wondering if trousers and a loose top, with a pashmina/sparkly cardi would be suitable?

any thoughts lovely Mners?

paidadarllenhwncont Sat 27-Jun-15 21:00:49

What about light coloured linen trousers?

pissovski Sat 27-Jun-15 21:33:33

Thanks paid I would probably go for dark (possibly navy) to be honest. Linen mix good though smile I don't tend to go for pale/light colour trousers. Would probably team with a blue or purple top (green is the bridesmaid colour) and silver pashmina or cardi. I am pale skinned (pink tones) and auburn/ginger hair (helped by a bottle!!)

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