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If you were going to a bar in Chelsea for drinks...

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Twinklestar2 Sat 27-Jun-15 19:11:46

... What would you wear?

Emo76 Sat 27-Jun-15 19:56:25

Silk shirt, skinnies, heels. Simple clutch and jewellery. Which bar? Can guide you further if needed.

Twinklestar2 Sat 27-Jun-15 20:00:23

Not sure which bar as yet smile

Coastingit Sat 27-Jun-15 20:17:33

I'd wear a black silk vest with skinny jeans and snakeskin high heels, and a long chain mini bag.


SarahManning Sat 27-Jun-15 20:36:02

As above. Would also need to lose half my bodyweight to look good in it grin have a great night

Artandco Sat 27-Jun-15 20:40:19

Erm anything. It's just a bar in an area. Probably not joggers though

LadyMaryofDownton Sat 27-Jun-15 20:57:27

Art come on, you don't just "wear anything". OP is obv asking cause she cares about the way she looks hence the reason she is in Style section asking for advice!

Coast has it nailed, I love that look. Have a great night smile

Twinklestar2 Sat 27-Jun-15 20:59:27

Skinny jeans and a top it is then! Was going to wear a dress and heels but sounds like that would be too much ��

Twinklestar2 Sat 27-Jun-15 21:01:26

Or a playsuit and heels...

Heyho111 Sat 27-Jun-15 21:12:15

Smart casual. Skinny Jeans / trousers with pretty top. Jump suit. Skirt and little heals. Dress to the knees and flats. Not clubbing stuff.

Artandco Sat 27-Jun-15 21:18:52

Lady - as long as op isn't in pjs of course she can wear anything. I live there, people call into fancy bars in the evening usually wearing whatever they wore to work as not gone home, or on the way home from gym/ school runs/ in cycling gear.
Yes some people dress up, but it's not usual or a requirement ( and the more dressed up the more 'tourist' jumps out)

Twinklestar2 Sat 27-Jun-15 21:27:22

Thanks Art. This is a Saturday night and I haven't been out for ages as I'm on maternity leave so wanted to know what to wear.

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