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Bra ladies, please help (again!)

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legolegolego Sat 27-Jun-15 08:14:28

I've measured myself the MN bra way over and over again and it always comes out as 28E. I cannot see how this is right at all! I normally buy a 30C or 32B.
I've attached a pic of me in a

legolegolego Sat 27-Jun-15 08:15:06

Sorry! I've attached a pic of me in a 32B - this looks like it fits?! Please help!

pinkbadger Sat 27-Jun-15 09:02:46

I'm no expert but it looks OK to me but that's only from the front, you might need to post side and back views to get a proper idea. Measuring is only a guide on where to start but if you measure 28 under bust then a 32 is going to be too loose on most women and obviously as band size goes up cup letter comes down for same volume.

I like the bra btw - what is the make and style?

SilverBlur Sat 27-Jun-15 09:05:34

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

legolegolego Sat 27-Jun-15 09:15:38

Okay here are some other angles...

Silver, I've posted a pic of the bra stretching away from me, is that what you meant?

Pink, it is just a h&m bra!

NoArmaniNoPunani Sat 27-Jun-15 09:38:22

Looking at the side angle that doesn't fit at all. You need a bigger cup and smaller back.

legolegolego Sat 27-Jun-15 09:42:10

What should it look like,, armani?

stripytees Sat 27-Jun-15 10:00:21

Looks like you're getting most of the support from the shoulder straps being really tight because the band is too big.

stripytees Sat 27-Jun-15 10:01:09

What are your actual measurements?

legolegolego Sat 27-Jun-15 10:05:47

28 under, 34 on top

ColdCottage Sat 27-Jun-15 10:15:32

Get a 3rd opinion at Bravisimo. I went from a 36C to a 32E. So big changes when you think you are fine are normal. Not looked back.

pinkbadger Sat 27-Jun-15 14:08:33

Ah, H&M don't do a small enough band for me (30DD) which is ridiculous as many of their shoppers must be 28, 30 or even 26 bands.

I used ro wear the ubiquitous 34B.

From the side you can see how the cup sits ON your breast, it's not enclosing the breast. The extra inches in the band are compensating for this as the band has to stretch too far forwards. Not sure if that makes sense - it is hard to describe!

Littlepumpkinpie Sat 27-Jun-15 14:30:42

I used to wear 32b after visiting bravissimo I was put in a 28f which gave me perky boobs again.

LashesandLipstick Sat 27-Jun-15 15:50:21

The cup isn't encasing your breast and the band is done up on the tightest hook. Bras should be fastened on the loosest hook, getting tighter as they get old.

You definitely need a much larger cup and smaller back!

legolegolego Mon 29-Jun-15 16:03:30

This is great info, thank you. I may order a 28 in a few different cups and have a try-on. Are there any rules about cup style? I like balconette bras but I've already proved my lack of knowledge on best fit for shape!

CMOTDibbler Mon 29-Jun-15 16:14:11

I think you'll need a 28E or 28F. Try a half cup style

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