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26" bras?

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Spindelina Fri 26-Jun-15 22:00:13

I've just found a few threads form a few years back saying that it's pretty much impossible to buy 26" backs off the shelf. Is that still the case?

I've just lost a load of weight, and I need new bras. My measurements put me around around 26DD as a starting point (though I'm 27" back, so going up to 28D wouldn't be disastrous, especially if I can find brands that come up small in the back).

Try Bosom Galore. Quite a new company. I haven't tried one yet.

I'm not totally sure if they will do it but I think that some of the Polish companies do them to order e.g. Ewa Michalak.

28s are much easier to find I think.

KatyBG Sat 27-Jun-15 08:50:02

Thank you for mentioning us IfYoureHappyAndYouKnowIt smile
Spindelina we are indeed one of the few brands that offer 26 bands. If you are interested in Bosom Galore lingerie, following reviews, we have found that our Classique balconette tends to be a little snug on some people and therefore a 26E may fit you best (or a 28DD). Our Amelia however has been described to 'run true to size'. At present our size range is 26E to 34H and we are introducing D and DD next month smile

I hope this helps smile

Katymac Sat 27-Jun-15 08:56:39

They are lovely KatyBG- have you thought of a more budget range for teenagers?

DD is a 26E & massively struggles for everyday bras

AuntieStella Sat 27-Jun-15 09:14:49

My DD needs a 24C or a 26B

Those sizes really don't seems to exist.

So if anyone can point me to a teen range which starts at a 26 band, I'd be immensely grateful.

KatyBG Sat 27-Jun-15 11:10:54

Hi Katymac Thank you for the lovely feedback smile

We do indeed plan to launch a sister brand (ideally in 2016) that offers lingerie for a lower price tag and in more teenage related designs. If we succeed in growing over the next year we will be able to lower the cost of manufacture and this, combined with less luxurious fabrics, will enable us to offer lingerie for a smaller budget.

If we are to maintain UK manufacture, that offers fair pay to the seamstresses and excellent quality, we may not be able to achieve the same 'budget' prices that we see in some high-street stores, but we certainly aim to offer the best price possible smile We'd like everyone to be able to access well made and well fitting lingerie (we almost see it as a right) so we will do our very best to enable affordability smile

We really have only just begun in our efforts to improve bra wear for everyone and are really excited about the direction that we're aiming to take over the next few years smile

Katymac Sat 27-Jun-15 17:48:19

26 band bras are massively rare

KatyBG I really hope that you do succeed in broadening the range and bringing in a range at a slightly lower cost. I would like to try one - a few more colours and a slightly lower cost and I will be 'in'.

Spindelina Sat 27-Jun-15 20:27:03

Thanks all. Those bras look absolutely stunning. But I'm still looking at the sub-£35 market, until my weight stabilises and I decide what size I am. So I've ordered a load of 28s which will do for now.

To be honest, being small of bosom, I don't really need the support so it doesn't really matter if my band is a bit loose - I can wear the shoulder straps just tight enough so they don't fall off, so they don't pull my band up.

But those bras are another motivator to reach my target weight!

As an aside, as a grown woman with small but existent boobs, what I'm after is adult bras (not crop top things) that are made for the smaller lady, in proper sizes. Yes, I might be a DD, but I am not going to look good in the generic "DD-H" range so beloved of the high street.

Katymac Sat 27-Jun-15 20:49:12

this is the only 'properly fitting bra' DD has & it's boring

AMcoffeeLover Sat 27-Jun-15 21:54:56

I love bosom galore but have only managed to afford one.....would love more but just can't afford it sad in a 30 E

KatyBG Sun 28-Jun-15 15:35:25

IfYoureHappyAndYouKnowIt Thank you. We are certainly aiming to offer a wider range of styles, colours, products and prices. Expansion can be difficult as a new independent brand but we have set our sights high and with new sizes and styles becoming available this year, 2016 looks very promising... smile

AMcoffeeLover It's so lovely to read that you have previously bought some Bosom Galore lingerie smile If you are interested in another set please keep an eye out for some of our competitions (one coming soon) and discount codes.

Spindelina Thank you for the lovely feedback. May I ask what sort of style you would see as 'adult' e.g. colours, styles etc? It would be really valuable for us to know what sort of designs you would like. Thank you smile

Spindelina Mon 29-Jun-15 14:53:30

Katy I'm not that fussy, really! If you go to the website of a high street retailer and look at the range they have available for cup sizes AA-D, you'll get lots of styles (esp plunge, balcony) and shapes which work with small breasts. Under the "add 4 or 5" method of measuring, I'm probably a 32B, and there are loads of suitable bras out there that sort of fit but with a loose band.

If you decide that I'm not a 32B but instead I'm a 26DD, then suddenly I'm in the "DD-H" range, with full cups and other such shapes/features that really work for large breasts. Which would be fine if I had large breasts. I don't.

sansucre Mon 29-Jun-15 15:45:44

Bosom Galore Lovely grown-up bras and not a floral pattern in sight! But why do they all have foam cups or some kind of moulded cup? I'm a 28F and the last thing I want is a foam cup. Such a shame as I'd have bought everything in my size sad

KatyBG Tue 30-Jun-15 17:26:48

Hi Spindelina I think I understand what you mean. There tends to be a misconception that all DD+ breasts (regardless of band size) are big and therefore require full coverage for support. However, as you point out, a DD on a small band size doesn't require this sort of additional support. This is something that we have taken into consideration when developing our Classique balconette; it is a 2 piece shallow cup that creates a similar look to the more widely available larger band and smaller cup bras. It's quite low cut and creates a nice 'two cakes on a plate' look smile

We have found however that our larger sizes e.g. 32G upwards would benefit from more coverage (as perhaps expected) and so we are in the process of developing a 3 piece cup version for our Classique in teal ( for these sizes. Our aim is to offer the same look for all sizes but with slight amendments for the larger volume sizes to ensure sufficient support. We launch this new 3 piece design in August and hopefully we'll find that our larger size customers are happy to be able to enjoy a similar look to our smaller volume customers.

KatyBG Tue 30-Jun-15 17:29:32

sansucre We have aspired for a more elegant look which I hope we've achieved smile

I'm so sorry to read that the lining isn't suitable for you. Our two current sets (Classique and Amelia) do have some slight foam lining, yes, although they aren't moulded. It's very slim foam that is used as a lining to enhance a smooth silhouette. However, we are aware that not everyone likes foam lining and so we are currently developing a non-padded set called Sophia which we aim to launch this September following our fit tests (images available in August). This will be a black lace, non-padded balconette with an overlaid black silk quarter cup in sizes 26D to 34K and will coordinate with both high waist and mid waist briefs and also a suspender belt. (I'm personally really excited about this set...I have pined for a black lace set with suspenders ever since I was a teenager and as a small band and full cupped woman I could never have one!)

We would have loved to have offered this set when we launched, however, due to the financial constraints of being a small start-up brand we simply couldn't afford it (both the development and manufacture)...but we are continually expanding both our product and size range so every few months we will be adding more and more to our collection to cater for a wide range of preferences.

It's been really helpful to hear what people want and it has certainly guided the direction that we're taking, for example, our high waist briefs are due to people's feedback and our new Louise uses Charmeuse as opposed to silk due to a few customers asking for something different to silk.

I'm very grateful for the input being offered in this's so valuable to hear what you do and don't want from your lingerie. Thank you smile

Please do keep using silk. I find it really hard to find quality silk bras. I am currently wearing out my old Masquerade Hestias and can find nothing to replace them.

KatyBG Wed 01-Jul-15 10:14:16

Hi IfYoureHappyAndYouKnowIt I think we will always use silk smile and soft lace! We will however also offer some items in other fabrics too for people who don't like silk.

May I ask what your opinion is for silk nightwear? Our aim is to offer both comfort and luxury but silk can feel a bit 'slippy' in bed (compromising comfort). We've been thinking about perhaps offering a few options; some cotton for the comfort value and some silk for a more luxurious feel. What do you think?

SorrelForbes Wed 01-Jul-15 10:53:06

As a 30H who loves the 'Cakes on a Plate' look and pretty much lives in my Ewa Michalak CHP or Cleo Marcie/Lily styles, I'm really keen to try one of the BG range. KatyBG, you mention the Classique being 'shallow'. Are you referring to the depth cups or the height of the cups? I'm really tempted to try it but need deep cups to avoid the 'orange in a glass' look.

I too love silk underwear and have a mix of lined and unlined bras. I can't do plunge styles at all though!

I love my EW S shape bra. Would love it more if it was silk though.

I'd prefer silk nightwear if I was buying it. Not cotton. I don't tend to wear it though. I would have thought that silk might be more consistent with the current range though?

KatyBG Fri 03-Jul-15 10:11:21

Hi SorrelForbes I'm delighted that you're interested in our collection smile Following fittings and reviews, we've found that the 2 piece Classique in the largest sizes can be a bit shallow (short/low) on women who are full on top or with longer roots. Women with shorter, softer or more tear drop shape breasts however suit this style very well.

To cater for 'fuller on top breasts', we are offering an amended version for our larger sizes with our Classique in teal. This amended version will be a 3 piece cup, providing greater coverage for women who prefer/need it.

If you would like try our Classique and are unsure whether you'd prefer the 2 piece or 3 piece, might I suggest you try both? You could try the 2 piece red one and if you find that it creates an 'orange in a glass' look (I'd not heard the expression before! lol) then you could return it (free in the UK) and try the 3 piece teal when it arrives late August.

Our new Sophia in October may also be suitable if you like the balconette style. This will fit slightly differently to our Classique because it will use different underwires in our effort to cater for a wide variety of breast shapes.

It's interesting that you like both lined and unlined. I'm the same. Although I've found that most people tend to have a strong preference for one or the other.

SirVixofVixHall Fri 03-Jul-15 10:19:07

I am 26" to 27" around the back, and I wear 28 or sometimes a 30 and they are never loose. My 30s are all Ewa Michalak. 28s are snug on me, many of the 28s actually measure more like 24 and then stretch so you should be fine with a 28. I do have 28s in Comexim bras but probably would buy a 30 next time. Whereas in Freya I do need a 28 rather than a 30. Also I find very tight bands really uncomfortable anyway, so supportively snug is what I go for. (I'm a GG/H cup, so I need structural support). I would try different brands if I were you, and work out what feels comfortable for you.

SirVixofVixHall Fri 03-Jul-15 10:23:09

I hadn't read the whole thread and now I'm exited about Bosom galore!! I'm off to google now....

KatyBG Fri 03-Jul-15 10:23:51

IfYoureHappyAndYouKnowIt We would ideally like to offer both silk and cotton blend options to cater for different preferences. We have developed a silk Classique camisole that we would like to offer next year. For those who prefer a non-wired camisole however, we would like to offer quite a different style composed of a cotton blend.

Hopefully we'll be able to offer both smile

SorrelForbes Fri 03-Jul-15 10:25:32

KatyBG - thank you for the information. I think I'm going to try the 2 piece Classique in a 30H as a starting point and go from there!

I'm always on the look out for pretty nude/beige bras which don't show too much under tight(ish) top. Silk would be ideal for this so if you're contemplating making a nude, silk, balconette, let me know grin

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