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What's your fave Benefit product?

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PisforPeter Fri 26-Jun-15 15:58:27

I have tried the eyebrow palette & Gimme Brow & love it. Also think They're Real mascara is good. Just wondering if it's worth trying anything else??

ThursdayLast Fri 26-Jun-15 16:02:26

I've just started using They're Real and really like it too!

I also use Porefessional and the bronzer - I think it's called Dallas? On a regular basis.

High beam used to be my favourite, but I feel like that iridescence isn't for me any more. I do like Posie tint too, but it is v subtle.

I got a Nude eye colour set for Xmas and live the feel of the cream eyeshadows

Wow! I didn't realise how much I have!

Mrsmumb Fri 26-Jun-15 16:04:37

posie tint!

Lj8893 Fri 26-Jun-15 16:07:31

I've been using They're Real mascara and do really like it, although it can sometimes clump. But it does give my lashes vavavoom!

ThreeBeanRap Fri 26-Jun-15 16:31:46

Dallas and Hoola bronzers are great. I also like their concealers, Erase Paste is good.

caz1010 Fri 26-Jun-15 16:32:32

I love Lemonaid it's a concealer you dab on eye lids and eye area. It really brightens full face up and gets rid of the tired drawn look.
one small pot lasts forever

I've also used it to cover the odd spot even tough it's just meant for eyes

daftyburd Fri 26-Jun-15 17:54:31

I like the Brow Zings. Mine have lasted over two years.
Also like Dandelion used as a blusher. I'm pale so just enough colour for daytime.

toastandmarmiterocks Fri 26-Jun-15 18:37:35

Porefessional is brilliant!

twirlypoo Fri 26-Jun-15 18:38:48

Erase paste is amazing!! I like their high beam and the smokey eye palate kit thing they do smile

lurkingaround Fri 26-Jun-15 18:50:24

I was given a gift of Lemon Aid recently. Expected nothing. I love it. Really good stuff. Brightens the whole eye area and makes me look alive in the mornings.

Noggie Fri 26-Jun-15 18:51:46

I've got the blusher - the liquid tint - have used it for years smile

MrsEdinburgh Fri 26-Jun-15 18:55:02

Porefessional Primer
Roller Lash
& my latest fave is Agent Zero Shine.

Cheesymonster Fri 26-Jun-15 18:58:51

Gimme Brow.

Kaspar19 Fri 26-Jun-15 19:22:28

Rockateur blush is beautiful on the skin! X

70isaLimitNotaTarget Fri 26-Jun-15 19:25:32

Love They're Real. I go back and rebuy time and time again
Just bought the brown They're Real for summer

Didn't like Bad Gal Plum
Bad Gal black is ok, but prefer They're Real

DD loves Porefessional, Hoola, all the Lolli/Bene/ChaCha balms

I have Gimme Brow, nice but tricky IME to use

One of the perfumes is gorgeous (I think 'Ring My Bella' )

PaigeMahoney Fri 26-Jun-15 19:31:10

Erase Paste. I use it every single day to make it look like I actually get something approaching a full night's sleep. Works marvellously.

flippineck Fri 26-Jun-15 19:31:58

I love Dandelion. it's not a strong enough colour to usr as a blusher on me but it does do incredible things to my skin and just make look fabulously healthy.

love Baf Gal Plum too.

flippineck Fri 26-Jun-15 19:33:16

Baf? Bad! Crappy phone. Or sausage fingers.

Benetint and RollerLash - both excellent. Porefessional v good but stupidly expensive for the size.

Dandelion is lovely, but I haven't repurchased it since it ran out.

Kennington Fri 26-Jun-15 21:57:53

Benetint if applied wellies tutored skin leaves a natural flush and lasts all day......
I haven't got along with other products but girl meets pearl is a good illuminator

yazzy85 Fri 26-Jun-15 22:09:19

Boiing concealor, its great!!

Heyheyheygoodbye Fri 26-Jun-15 22:35:05

Gimme Brow, Gimme Brow, Gimme Brow!!!

Also: Dandelion Powder, the FineOneOne, RollerLash, They're Real, and all the Benetints and Benebalms smile smile smile My fave brand!!

Lemonaid is absolutely brilliant both as a colour corrector round the eyes and an eyeshadow primer.

sonata1 Fri 26-Jun-15 23:05:13

Fake up concealer 02 Medium. Nearly run out.

Nagasaki Fri 26-Jun-15 23:10:09

Two words. Brow. Zings. Pa-chow!

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