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Please help me with a makeover.

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RachieS1986 Fri 26-Jun-15 11:10:19

Im hoping all you lovely style and beauty mumsnetters can help me reinvent/makeover myself.

I'm a mum of 2 boys ds1 is 3 and ds2 is nearly 5 months.

Since I have had my children iv really let myself go and feel I've lost my identity. I'm 28 but feel so mumsy I only wear makeup now if I really have to and put on the bare minimum unless im going out for the day or night. im constantly living in my jammies, tracksuit bottoms or jeans. Iv put on 4 stone over the years putting me at 14 stone at 5 foot 3.

There is no real intimacy between me and dh. We've both let ourselves go over the years. he feels fat and tired and (although he won't admit it) I feel he is no longer attracted to me sexually because basically im a mess. I however am still willing but its been near 15 weeks and even at that I feel it's just because iv nagged and we're just going through the motions.

Any handy makeover tips would be greatly appreciated. grin

RachieS1986 Fri 26-Jun-15 14:11:23


FauxFox Fri 26-Jun-15 16:32:44

If you are both feeling a bit meh can you start walking together with the kids in buggies? Early morning or evening or whenever you have time - it will be good for your health, help you have time to talk and reconnect and the fresh air and sunshine will give you a boost i'm sure. Also healthy meals yadda yadda, does he cook? Maybe you can learn to cook new healthy recipes together?

In terms of style & beauty try to get ready every day - living in PJs must be so depressing! Even if it's just jeans and a top you are ready for the day - pop to the shop? No problem! Oh it's sunny - trip to the park! Friend texts to meet for coffee? you're there! If you have to get dressed first it really cuts down your spontaneity. If you don't have everyday clothes and are putting off buying until you lose weight - stop! Get a couple of pairs of well fitting Jeans or trousers, shorts or a skirt and some tops to mix and match (vest/T/long sleeve). A cute jacket, a decent bag (not designer just not shabby) some kind of trainers and a pair of nice sandals - it need not cost a lot, Dorothy Perkins, Primark etc all have nice things that will be perfect.

I'm no make-up guru but I do wear it every day. It takes me about 2 minutes (really) sweep of bronzer all over with a big brush, cream blusher on cheekbones and lashings of black mascara. Maybe a bit of lip balm. Makes me feel human grin

I hope you can make some changes and feel better. Having little kids is very hard and tiring but you and how you feel are important too so try and find some time for yourself xx

RachieS1986 Fri 26-Jun-15 19:40:49

Thank you for your lovely reply FauxFox. Everything you say is definitely true. The days I have made the effort to get dressed I've felt so much better. Think this weekend there will be some changes made.

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