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what do you think of this dress? what would you put with it

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sadsquirrel Thu 25-Jun-15 23:32:16


princessvikki Fri 26-Jun-15 08:07:48

Oooo it's lovely. I would go with nude shoes and bag and maybe a simple gold bracket and stud earrings. It's a very busy patten, I wouldn't want to add more detail or colour.

lavenderhoney Fri 26-Jun-15 08:11:51

Lovelysmile high black sandals, or coloured if a wedding or something, matching bag ( colour or black) appropriate for occasion, hair up for the silhouette, and a bracelet or watch same colour as shoes.

A pashmina in bright pink or something in my bagsmile

wiltingfast Fri 26-Jun-15 08:18:47

Lovely dress and I usually hate phase 8!

I'd go with black high heels and maybe red beads or earrings but I love a pop of colour! It looks to me like there is a touch of red in it. Basically I pick out a colour from the dress and accessorise with that.

EnriqueTheRingBearingLizard Fri 26-Jun-15 09:44:23

It depends how formal the event is, it looks like the kind of dress I'd pick for a wedding or Ladies Day at the races type events. Because the pattern is very intense I'd go simple with accessories and personally I wouldn't go for matchy-matchy.

I'd stick to just shoes, clutch bag and a bracelet and try and pick out a shade of flower for shoes and go for something high heeled put not strappy, a lowish front to elongate the leg and complement the lean shape.
I wouldn't necessarily match the bag and shoes together, but whatever you choose don't clutter the dress it should be stand out item of the outfit.

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