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Bra for wonky boobs?

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PinkPearlClutcher Thu 25-Jun-15 22:39:05

I've always had wonky boobs, about a size difference, one is a B/C and one a C/D. They used to be smaller so less noticeable, but now it's quite obvious.

My problem now is finding bras. All my bras are currently too small, so I need to get new ones, but I don't know how to work out my bra size because if it fits one boob, it doesn't fit the other? sad

I'm feeling pretty self conscious about it...anyone got any advice? Should I go up or down?? What shape do you think would be best?

Smurfingreat Thu 25-Jun-15 22:53:10

Hi Pinkpearl,

This is actually really common, I used to be a bra fitter and saw this all the time.

If you are a small back size a stretchier bra should fit both sides for day to day if you don't need much support and are wearing clothes where it isn't really obvious.

If you are larger, or want to wear fitted clothes where the difference shows, you should always fit to the larger breast. Many bras have pockets where you can put a pad in to provide uplift, often removing this on the larger side will even you up. One cup size really isn't much, I often dealt with ladies with 2 or 3 cup size difference, still totally possible to balance out.

Shape of bra depends on many things such as where your breast volume is and spacing between breasts, so can't recommend one shape over another. Your best bet is to go to a good independent and explain, they will have seen this all before and should be able to send you home with a solution that makes you feel happy and look great.

PinkPearlClutcher Fri 26-Jun-15 10:57:46

Thanks Smurf, that's actually really helpful. Any advice on the best place to get fitted? Or anywhere to avoid?

Bunbaker Fri 26-Jun-15 11:02:40

Avoid M & S for fitting. Their bras are actually very good (for me anyway), but their bra fitting "service" is dire.

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