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Soft Strapless Bra

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chocolateyy Thu 25-Jun-15 18:41:30

Hope someone can help.

I've been trying for the past year to get a decent strapless bra.

The problem I have is that all of the bras I've tried (and there have been many), stick out at the top where the strap would connect. Some very noticeably, think a full inch away from the top of my breast.

It's like I don't have enough breast at the top to fill it properly.

I've been measured on countless occasions, and I'm definitely at 38C.

I thought maybe a strapless bra that wasn't moulded, but I need an underwire to give me enough support.

Does anyone have any suggestions.

AMcoffeeLover Thu 25-Jun-15 18:58:54

No suggestions but also waiting for advice on the strapless bras!

Bunbaker Thu 25-Jun-15 19:08:46

When you say you have been measured was it by a shop - M & S for example?

chocolateyy Thu 25-Jun-15 19:27:46

I've been measured by them all, but also after the advice on here, I measured myself, and still coming out at a 38C.

The last bout of trying on, the salesgirl suggested I pad the bra at the bottom, to push my breast up to fill it!

I'm on the wrong side of 40, and I'm certainly not as full as I once was, but still having no luck.

AMcoffeeLover Thu 25-Jun-15 20:01:09

Im 30 DD/E according to many shops (and my own measuring)
Also looking for a bit of push up to cover my rib cage just above my boobs.
don't mean to hijack your thread, I'm just desperate! wine

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