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Cruise ship help!

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SarahManning Thu 25-Jun-15 18:41:21

I'm going on a weeks cruise soon. I have no idea what to wear and the dress code is scaring me (no denim after 6pm etc). There are a couple of 'formal' nights and some 'informal' nights (which still sound pretty bloody formal to me!)

I'm early 30s, nowhere near as posh as I imagine the other passengers to be so I need to look the part! Can anyone help?! I've got some dune high heeled black courts that are comfortable and go with most things so I'm looking for dresses that would go with them for evening wear. For day wear - I have no idea! I'm a t-shirt and jeans girl usually.

Figure - 5ft 3, 10/12, pear shape, wobbly belly, slightly chubby arms.

Would greatly appreciate any help!

iklboo Thu 25-Jun-15 18:49:04

Jeans & tshirts are fine during the day - it's only the evenings that have a dress code for dinner. If you don't go to the formal dining sessions & eat at the buffet style restaurants you don't have to dress up at all.

Nice going out type dresses, skirts & tops or trousers are fine for 'smart casual' evenings, cocktail dresses or floor length dresses for formal nights.

Your cruise company's website should give you hints & tips.

iklboo Thu 25-Jun-15 18:50:03

And don't worry about not being as 'posh' as other people. They let me on grin

creampie Thu 25-Jun-15 19:48:41

I've been on a couple of cruises, it's not as posh as you think!

The no denim bit is only in the posher restaurants, not the buffets, and it's usually ok to wear very smart black jeans and a nice top as long as they're very dark and not too jeans-y.

Smart casual wear is fine for the most part, formal nights usually mean cocktail type dresses but you could get away with smart office style dresses too

creampie Thu 25-Jun-15 19:49:47

Phase eight is probably a good one stop cruise shop!

Madbengalmum Thu 25-Jun-15 19:52:33

Firstly, where are your destinations?
Secondly, which cruise line?
Then i can advise properly, as there are very many different lines.
And the last thing you will want is jeans if the climate is hot.

Madbengalmum Thu 25-Jun-15 19:53:29

Some lines are extremely posh, the mass market ones not so.
So it would help to know which one.

expatinscotland Thu 25-Jun-15 19:59:46

Where are you going? We had two formal nights and some went super formal. I borrowed formal evening dress and shoes from my nieces and am glad I did for those two nights. My dad wore his tuxedo and my mother a ballgown and heels. My son wore a kilt and my daughter wore a party dress.

The rest of the time it was really informal.

This was to Mexico and the Caribbean.

Have a mani and pedi the day before as they are really expensive on the boat.

Apatite1 Thu 25-Jun-15 19:59:55

Madbengalmum is right. Big variation in poshness, dress codes etc between lines and you need to be weather appropriate. If you are flying I suggest taking carry on only as lost luggage is an absolute bugger if you need to board a ship in time.

SarahManning Sat 27-Jun-15 20:39:40

So sorry to the lovely people who replied. I completely forgot I had posted.

If anyone is still kind enough to help, it's a Cunard cruise in Europe - starting in Germany

Orangedandelion Sat 27-Jun-15 23:11:58

Last time I went on a cruise a good while ago formal dress was very formal but a few nice smart/pretty dresses is fine and the men were supposed to wear proper formal black dinner jacket suits. And informal for men is a suit that's not a tuxedo.

Apatite1 Sun 28-Jun-15 00:34:13

How long is your cruise and how many formal nights are there?

SarahManning Sun 28-Jun-15 08:47:09

I think there is one formal ball night. Does this mean I have to wear a full length dress? Or will something shorter do?

TealFanClub Sun 28-Jun-15 08:50:42

This is why cruises sound loathsome

Wherediditallgoright Sun 28-Jun-15 08:51:26

I went on a mini cruise and it was way more formal than I imagined. Even on the less formal evenings, the women dressed like they were at a wedding. I felt very under-dressed.

I would see if you could borrow some nice dresses from people you know.

iklboo Sun 28-Jun-15 11:08:44

I've worn cocktail dresses / 50s style dresses on P&O cruises with no problem. Nice accessories & shoes. I look like a toilet roll holder in anything floor length because I'm so short. If in doubt check your cruise company's website or FAQ pages - they usually give really good advice on there

iklboo Sun 28-Jun-15 11:11:44

Remember you don't HAVE to go to the formal nights if you don't want to. There's plenty of places to eat if you'd rather not doll up. It's not a 'ship wide' dress code - you're dressing for dinner.

My folks have been on several cruises and have never dressed up. They eat in the buffet restaurant & go to one of the normal bars for a few drinks.

ShelaghTurner Sun 28-Jun-15 11:36:00

We travel solely on Cunard ships. Which ship are you on?

Black jeans are fine in the buffet restaurant but obviously not for the Britannia dining rooms. Black jeans won't be allowed to formal dining.

This is from the information given to guests on Cunard ships;

Guests wishing to dress more casually on formal nights are welcome to dine in the Kings Court or Lido main buffet restaurants or relax in the adjoining Winter Gardens.

After 6pm shorts or blue or worn denim for men and women and sandals and sleeveless tops for men are not considered appropriate within the ship.

ShelaghTurner Sun 28-Jun-15 11:39:40

It's a ship wide code in terms of there being areas you can go to dressed informally and that's fine, but;

We do request that they do not use other areas of the ship including our alternative dining restaurants out of respect for their fellow guests.

So on a formal night it's not compulsory but the ship mostly does require formal dress on that night.

It isn't ship wide, but after dinner everyone is still wandering around in their smart clothes for the rest of the evening so you do feel a bit out of place in really casual clothes. I went for cocktail dresses on my first cruise, but still didn't enjoy being that dressed up, went for smart daytime maxis the second time and it was fine. Not Cunard though, I think they are quite a formsl line. Shoes are the problem for me, I can't wear heels except for the very shortest amount of walking (that includes anything over about an inch and wedges) and there's a lot of walking on the big ships.

I have to say it's the one downside of cruises for me.

ggirl Sun 28-Jun-15 11:47:11

We went on P&O cruise a while ago .

I hate all that dressing for dinner shite and its the reason I won't be cruising again.
Any dress will do , you see all sorts of sights .

ShelaghTurner Sun 28-Jun-15 11:47:16

Cunard are very formal and although it's possible to not take part, it's pretty much what you sign up for when you book with them. However, I remember from the first time we went, that you tend to panic over what formal actually means, picturing ball gowns and all sorts which some people will wear, but a black skirt and sparkly top is more than fine so it's not as scary as all that.

LadyFannyOfOmaha Sun 28-Jun-15 12:02:11

I'm a 'Cunarder' it is more formal than other cruise lines, but don't worry, you don't need full-length big ball gowns.
I'm also a jeans and t-shirt person. In the evening I wear smart trousers with heels and a sparkly top and maybe a jacket. On formal nights some people go all out with ball gowns, others wear cocktail dresses or even smart separates. DH will need a dinner suit and lounge suits, although they've relaxed rules about jackets on informal nights.
Drinks are fairly expensive on board, so take a supply in your hand luggage to have a tipple in your stateroom, or balcony if you have one? Your steward will replenish your ice bucket daily if you ask. Room service is very good, we always get breakfast, it's such a treat.
Hope you enjoy it!

ShelaghTurner Sun 28-Jun-15 12:11:35

(Sorry, just having a chuckle at Lady Fanny's name. Might have decided how to spend my Sunday afternoon... )

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