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Anyone else remember Sunsilk Anti-Frizz cream? If so, have you found a decent alternative?

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rootsradicals Thu 25-Jun-15 17:50:46

I used to use this years ago, it was cheap and suited my hair perfectly but has been discontinued for ages now.
More recently I've tried the CG method with some success- I have wavy rather then full on curly hair so need to lowpoo rather than cowash or my hair looks lank and stringy. With the sunsilk stuff (it was in green plastic bottle with a pull up top) I used to be able to scrunch it through and my hair looked fine while it was drying and then nice and shiny once it dried out. I've tried this with various other 'creams' -boots pink, naked, a l'oreal honey one but nothing works like this used to. Best results I have are with a cream then Umberto Gianni curl gel scrunched in. When it dries out and I scrunch I get lovely defined shiny curls but it takes the entire day to dry! I get out of the shower in the morning and it's still not ready to scrunch when I go to get my son after school and during the whole drying time it just looks like a hideous 80's gelled nightmare.
What I need is something that doesn't look so crap while my hair is drying, I don't mind looking like my hairs a bit damp on days I'm working from home and just popping out but I hate the look of it before I scrunch, so much so that I've just been drying and straightening, which I want to stop.
Anyone use anything good (but not too expensive) or, even better, anyone else that loved the sunsilk stuff and found a fantastic replacement?!

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