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Sorry another Footner thread

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HammerToFall Thu 25-Jun-15 13:23:22

I've got my Footner socks on for the first time and am very apprehensive. Really hoping I'm one of the ones they work for smile

BloomWherePlanted Thu 25-Jun-15 16:06:19

I did my first one last night too! Slight tingly feeling sometimes but nothing as yet!

Melonfool Thu 25-Jun-15 16:49:49

Mine hasn't stopped shedding and it's been two weeks! Embarrassing as I stay away in the week and keep leaving dead skin all over landlady's bathroom.

I might try to peel it all off and slather on moisturiser this weekend.

Getdownfromtherethisinstant Thu 25-Jun-15 18:02:46

I bought my first footner socks and I'm doing them tonight. I'm so disgustingly excited.

Getdownfromtherethisinstant Thu 25-Jun-15 22:15:32

Took the socks off an hour ago. My feet feel like the skin's already coming away, when I bend them i can feel the very top layer moving separately (like when you try to move your face with a peely facemask on. Is it possible for them to peel straight away??

HammerToFall Fri 26-Jun-15 06:38:03

Mine feel very tight this morning. I had a long bath and soaked them last night and I'll do the same tonight. Forgot I'm at a bbq on Sunday and the weathers supposed to be hot so hope the peeling staves off until then!

HammerToFall Sun 28-Jun-15 19:23:35

Had anyone's started peeling yet? Still nothing here.

thetroubleis Sun 28-Jun-15 19:25:34

Do NOT go swimming on day five...

kua Sun 28-Jun-15 19:33:46

I'm currently soaking my feet in preparation for putting the socks on. I'm ridiculously excited.

Perfectlypurple Sun 28-Jun-15 19:41:18

I did mine on a Tuesday. They started peeling on the Thursday, by the time I got home from work on the Friday there were sheets of skin coming off. I continued to peel for a few days, with a few little bits coming off around the sides until a couple of days ago. So after 10 days all done.

Dh bought me a scholl pedi pro and some decent foot moisturiser. So every couple of days he I will use that on my feet so I don't get hard skin again.

lucysmam Sun 28-Jun-15 19:57:28

I'm envy of the peeling going on! I did mine on Tuesday & apart from a teeny bit of peeling around my toes - nada sad

I have been wondering about just using the pumice stone as usual but dithering about it because I used the footner hmm

goingtotown Sun 28-Jun-15 21:04:15

One hour is not long enough, have to leave them on for at least two hours.

Getdownfromtherethisinstant Sun 28-Jun-15 21:54:27

Mine have started just round a couple toes.

kua Sun 28-Jun-15 23:04:59

After reading previous posts I left mine on for 90 minutes but I did put vaseline on the tops of my feet.

MrsCorr Sun 28-Jun-15 23:17:22

I did mine on Monday & they started peeling a bit around my toes yesterday. Then today there's loads of skin & I'm trying (failing) to resist picking it! The skin underneath feels amazing grin I can't wait until it's finished.

BubaMarra Sun 28-Jun-15 23:31:46

I did mine on tuesday and still nothing. How isthat possible?

lucysmam Mon 29-Jun-15 07:32:17

Me too Buba sad

HammerToFall Mon 29-Jun-15 15:59:00

Tiny bit of peeling around toes but nothing else. Have a feeling I may have wasted 20 quidhmm

HammerToFall Mon 29-Jun-15 19:26:11

Actually I eat my words. I think the
Peel have started smile

Getdownfromtherethisinstant Mon 29-Jun-15 20:43:25

One of my feet is properly peeling now but not the other...

kua Tue 30-Jun-15 21:01:45

My feet have become very dry and shiny. I'm holding off picking off bits as I'm hoping for a massive shed. Fingers crossed.

Melonfool Tue 30-Jun-15 23:54:43

Mine are like baby feet since they stopped peeling and my tights no longer Velcro themselves to my heels, which means I can now wear a pair more than once!!

LassieKillsChickens Wed 01-Jul-15 12:53:02

What is the best post Footner strategy? Leave well alone or soak, peel, buff, cream etc?

HammerToFall Wed 01-Jul-15 13:17:27

Well a week in and the nice soft skin has peeled off but the harder skin on heels and balls has gone ten times harder scaly and cracked and my feet looks absolutely awful! I really hope that isn't it or I don't know what I'm going to do hmm

Melonfool Wed 01-Jul-15 15:01:53

Mine took about a week to start peeling then peeled for over a week.

The instructions on mine said not to buff/pumice/scrub and I read on here that you are supposed to soak. Mine were fake Footners from Amazon.

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