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Oh god, these lines on my top lip...!

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VillyCazalet Wed 24-Jun-15 21:28:13

I haven't smoked for 10 years, I'm 35. Why does my upper lip look 60? What can I use? That poxy bloody rose hip oil has done Nothing. ANY recommendations will probably be followed up, I'm almost thinking injections here!

poppym12 Wed 24-Jun-15 22:24:12

following this. ex smoker who has loved the sun a wee bit too much in the past. i'm older than you but have otherwise very good skin (thank you mother grin). noticed a few faint lip lines recently and i'm not liking them at all.

27inmyhead Wed 24-Jun-15 22:33:22

Fillers? Just had mine done.

poppym12 Wed 24-Jun-15 22:45:40

how long do they usually last 27?

Bunbaker Wed 24-Jun-15 22:47:32

I am succumbing to the dreaded lip lines, and I have never smoked. I won't do fillers though.

bgottalent Wed 24-Jun-15 22:57:49

I had fillers two months ago. Best thing ever, although I can't remeber how long they're meant to last. i'll be back for more when they lose their effect

27inmyhead Thu 25-Jun-15 06:55:44

I find fillers last 4 months or so.

TheGruffal0 Thu 25-Jun-15 08:26:17

With the filler, did they fill the lines, or inflate the entire area so they got stretched out?

Kundry Thu 25-Jun-15 08:28:49

Rosehip oil is never going to prevent lines. Possibly pigmentation a bit but not lines. CH has a great line of 'when you get to a certain age a few rose hips are just not going to cut it'.

DameDiazepamTheDramaQueen Thu 25-Jun-15 09:49:25

I hav lines and have never smokedshock

VillyCazalet Thu 25-Jun-15 12:32:46

sad I fell for the rose hip related hype!

Moisturiser, any good ones which might inflate them a bit?

Kundry Thu 25-Jun-15 13:01:27

What is the rest of your skincare routine like? Are you already using acids and retinols which can help increase collagen so slow down things getting any worse? Most importantly on the prevention side are you using SPF everyday?

You might find some plumping happens with hyaluronic containing moisturisers like Eucerin Hyaluronic Filler.

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