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Crepeys of a consistently high standard

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Stropperella Wed 24-Jun-15 20:37:01

So there. smile

hattymattie Wed 24-Jun-15 20:40:35

Well done Stropps. Finishing course and starting new

herbaceous Wed 24-Jun-15 20:47:38

I am currently applying for that full-time job. And fiddling about on t'internet, obvs. And eating Meerkat jelly sweets, not something I'd usually touch with a bargepole. AF must be looming.

Stropperella Wed 24-Jun-15 21:02:36

I have spent today putting in an application for a part-time postgrad course which I could theoretically complete next year and which would take my qualifications to the next level. Have had a request from the teaching jobs agency for some references and I also have had an enquiry about a large potential translation for next week. All systems go, although I would quite like some time to catch up with myself and get to grips with the jungle that used to be my garden. Not to mention dealing with some sadly neglected areas of the house. I am feeling a little bit whizzy, but also vague with odd waves of elation. Slightly strange, in fact. Hope I am not over-reaching myself by applying for another course (very much more affordable in terms of time and money than the last one, but proper master's level) 2 hours' drive in the opposite direction and also planning on starting a new job, whenever that may turn up.....

Dcs apparently mistakenly thinking that everything will return to 'normal' and I shall return to rounding up dirty pants and not complaining about people not doing their own washing-up. Har har har.

herbaceous Wed 24-Jun-15 21:06:23

What is this 'teaching jobs agency' phenomenon of which you speak Stropps? Might I find one in Olde London Towne?

And rofflage about disappointed childer, hoping for a return to Domestic Drudge V1.0.

Stropperella Wed 24-Jun-15 21:16:11

There must be loads of agencies in London, Herbs. Maybe you could ask some local contacts which are the best ones. They obviously have supply work, but they also have permanent jobs/longer-term supply positions. Have had a quick Google and there are loads of agencies to choose from and loads more jobs than round my way envy.

motherinferior Wed 24-Jun-15 21:16:15

Wotcher, you high achievers yougrin

Blackduck Wed 24-Jun-15 21:16:42

Woo hoo - this crepey is feeling very much put upon at work but is still delivering to a consistently high standard smile

Stropperella Wed 24-Jun-15 21:17:38

Even good old Reed have a teaching jobs division <fond memories of crap office temping jobs in the early 90s>

Stropperella Wed 24-Jun-15 21:21:45

<high fives everybody in a consistently high-achieving fashion> grin

herbaceous Wed 24-Jun-15 21:23:41

There are indeed many agencies, and lots of slightly odd high-street 'learning hub' type places, but don't know which of them are a right bunch of charlatans. Weird being a rank amateur in a new world, innit.

Still, time to get out there and pick the low-hanging fruit.

Stropperella Wed 24-Jun-15 21:36:18

Maybe BTM might have some info about which agencies are good? There appear to be a few specialising in FE.

beachyhead Wed 24-Jun-15 21:36:29

Well, we survived the weekend, the party was very loud (we made the parish facebook page!), the teenagers had a whale of a time and the recycling bin is groaning heavily. The teenagers are back tonight, in their multitudes, riding bikes round the garden and enjoying the leftover wine! One day, my life might return to normal.

I am in awe of all of you studying, growing, achieving things. I think I might start small and do my Maths GCSE again next year, so I can help ds with homework.

My job just keeps changing, without any prior consultation. Weird stuff gets added, more requests for stuff, people being moved off to other teams. It's less enjoyable every week.

High achievement, rock on!

Stropperella Wed 24-Jun-15 22:18:38

That's a pretty big achievement, surviving a teenage party of that magnitude, Beachy. grin Very brave!

BTM, hope Charlie doesn't come visiting whilst you are at DM's. smile

CointreauVersial Wed 24-Jun-15 22:27:40

Fabulous thread title - how true, how true. smile

bigTillyMint Wed 24-Jun-15 22:31:55

No not if he's the same one that visits MrsS neighbour!

Fraid I have no idea about FE teaching agencies. Or much else!

Had a good catch up with my old school friend this evening. DM seems to be calm on my return, fingers crossed it lasts for the clinic tomorrow.

NUFC69 Thu 25-Jun-15 02:39:56

Greetings from Whistler. We're relaxing on the bed before going out for our last proper meal in Canada. DH is watching football. On the way here I saw a message board outside a community centre which said, "Anger management classes postponed due to classroom repairs ", wasn't sure whether to smile or shock !

Stropps, so good that you're feeling positive and very impressed you are considering another course. BTM, not sure what to say about your DM, but at least she sounds happy atm.

NUFC69 Thu 25-Jun-15 02:43:15

Cross posts. Beachy, I long ago gave up any idea of improving my maths, although it seems consistently better than some local shop assistants.

Blackduck Thu 25-Jun-15 06:57:40

Today's joys are dealing with a student who is in the middle of serious marital breakdown (she's here and he's back home) and who things an extension will help (I don't get the logic!), then going to funeral of a friend (my age-ish) which certainly puts other things in perspective.

This weekend it's getting dp sorted for India..... And sleeeeeeeep.....

motherinferior Thu 25-Jun-15 08:04:03

Oh, BD, take care.

I am most cheered by that notice.

lalsy Thu 25-Jun-15 08:17:15

Oh BD...

Great thread title. Am not living up to it this week. Much ineffective tail-chasing, teen-nagging and work faffing. dd's course for next year still not sorted - uni changing the rules so she cannot do what she went to do - they have taken over three months now to reply. ds is supposed to be planning his holiday with friends but isn't, and is nonchalant and grumpy when asked. I can't sleep, for no apparent reason.

Stropps, respect at considering more study.

MontserratCaballe Thu 25-Jun-15 09:24:35

Hola guapas!

Sorry not to be around - RL very busy at the moment. Hope you are all well and catch up soon. Thanks for the new thread Stropps [flower]winesmile

Rosebag Thu 25-Jun-15 11:18:25

I am sitting at the mall, having been blown out by DM for our coffee this morning...awaiting DS1 who has a day off and was supposed to be joining us but is late. I am so hungry was meant to be breakfast...I have got my food alone. hmm

Strength to you BD and way to go stropps and herbs with the job applications. Great stuff.

Maths...? no thanks.

I now have another date for a second reading of the play ( arranged by my casting director colleague) which will be in September at my house!!

dS1 has just arrived.

QueenQueenie Thu 25-Jun-15 12:25:16

<<runs in panting>>
A belated WELL DONE! to Stropps and loving the thread title....
<<runs out panting>>

Stropperella Thu 25-Jun-15 13:28:36

Oh BD, it really is coming at you from all angles sad I hope you get some zzzzz this weekend.

NU, that sign made me grin

I didn't sleep well last night, as I suddenly felt vvvv anxious about not having anything properly sorted re: jobs etc. And that big translation job for next week is no longer on, as I was too slow to respond to the client (because I was concentrating on other things and had completely overlooked her email - fair enough) and it went to someone else.
However, I have now taken the plunge and phoned a school up about a job that I saw advertised yesterday. I discounted the job yesterday because it was too much of a biggie for me to contemplate. But I talked myself into giving them a call to find out about it today, spoke to the key person, found a lot of common ground and I have now been invited in for a 'look round' the school/unit on Monday. Deadline for the application is Tuesday. It's a big old full-time job with a lot of challenges and it's a 40 min drive cross-country. So I dunno. But it will be an interesting fact-finding mission on Monday anyway. <pats self on back again for being brave>

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