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Delighted with the Kiko store

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SilverHawk Wed 24-Jun-15 19:11:55

It was heaving, no wonder, the prices are good and the staff so helpful.
Funnily enough the Mac store was empty, again!

helzapoppin2 Wed 24-Jun-15 20:04:09

I love it, too! I first discovered it in Italy, but have also bought stuff from the Oxford Circus branch. It's so cheap you can try out all kinds of colours and most of them are lovely.

TheAwfulDaughter Wed 24-Jun-15 20:05:46

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

InanimateCarbonRod Wed 24-Jun-15 20:07:02

Love Kiko. I have to order it online because there's no shops in Ireland. I discovered it in Italy too.

MsVanRein Wed 24-Jun-15 20:08:21

I love Kiko as well! No shop here but my parents brought me some of their products home from Italy.

NomiMalone Wed 24-Jun-15 20:08:40

Some great products, a lot of bog standard one.

They can't compete with hughnend brands for quality and they're too expensive to compete against drugstore brands (lots of which are kicking ass right now).

NomiMalone Wed 24-Jun-15 20:08:53


SilverHawk Wed 24-Jun-15 20:29:02

I wonder if they do take off? Bearing in mind what Nomi says about the drugstore competition.
Do you mean Boots and Superdrug?

helzapoppin2 Wed 24-Jun-15 21:57:34

Kiko manages to combine looking expensive with cheap prices. My local Superdrug certainly doesn't pull that off!

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