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Clearing out

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Mytribeof3 Wed 24-Jun-15 16:31:52

Hi everyone. I am on a bit of a mission as I really want to cut back the amount of clothes I currently own. Over the years I seem to have accumulated a lot, and along with struggling to let go of other items unless they no longer fit or are really worn out I think that I probably have twice the amount of clothes I actually 'need' for each season. I do actually like it all which is my main issue when it comes to the rule regarding getting rid of anything not worn in the past 6/12 months as I do genuinely feel that I will wear the item at some time (this has been the case in the past).
If it all still fits and is not scruffy enough for rags, I'm really reluctant to clear it out as I suppose I feel like it's been a waste of money, so Im trying to make an effort to wear some of the nicer items I had previously 'saved for best'. I feel I need to down scale by about 50% but as I'm finding it hard parting with stuff I wondered if I set myself a bit of loose rule regarding the amount of times I've worn the item that perhaps I may feel slightly less guilty about letting go of it. I suppose it's a bit like applying the cost per wear method until I feel I've cut right down. I guess I'm just in need of some reassurance that I'm not being too wasteful or something if that makes sense?! My main problem are tops so they are getting the most attention. Do most of you expect to get a couple of seasons out of an item? I feel that provided I've worn something say a dozen times it can't be seen as a waste, as most of the items in my wardrobe cost on average £10-£18 so not hugely expensive. Ramble over.

frankietwospots Wed 24-Jun-15 16:38:39

Two things.

I can recommend Marie Kondo's book for helping you to focus on clearing out your wardrobe. This sounds a bit wanky but you get all of your tops out, put them in a pile on the floor, and only keep the ones that 'spark joy' i.e. that make you feel good when you wear them. I literally got rid of a two thirds of my tops when I did this, and you also clear out all the duplicates (I have a stripey top problem).

Secondly, if your clothes are in good condition and are good labels (not supermarket brands or Primark), try selling them on a Facebook group (I can recommend one if you PM me). You will get a buzz out of making money selling clothes and it's much less faff than eBay.

frankietwospots Wed 24-Jun-15 16:39:20

Link to book but see if your local library can get hold of it:

poppym12 Wed 24-Jun-15 17:09:42

I think I need to do this too. bought 3 new tops again on Monday and don't get me started with the jeans I have stashed

Picachew Wed 24-Jun-15 17:35:43

How many clothes are we talking about? Do you need to cut back because of storage or because you want a more minimalist wardrobe? How about you just stop buying new ones and use up what you have until it wears out or you get bored of it.

I buy classic stuff that doesn't date and would keep it for three years or more. Knitwear I'm really heavy with as things look bad quickly so I perhaps get just two seasons wear out of them. When you think about it that's not much wear is it so I try not to buy super expensive knitwear with a view to the cost per wear you mentioned.

If I wore a £10 top 10 times I'd be happy with that. Not sure if that's good or bad though! What do others think?

Mytribeof3 Wed 24-Jun-15 17:56:15

Yes that is helpful picachew - I have definitely bought a lot less this year and am more mindful of what I actually need now. Ie I needed to replace some pyjamas recently and a few new pairs of knickers. But generally I'm saying no to the things I had previously accumulated through habit - basic tops and vests and stripy tops for instance.
It's partly down to lack of space, and partly due to the fact that I don't get round to wearing some things each season that I feel I just have too much.
Thanks for the book suggestion frankietwospots I will have a look at that.
I suppose I'm just trying to justify the purchases I've made over the years through wear. I know that will sound daft to some.

Picachew Wed 24-Jun-15 18:01:27

Not at all daft. I completely understand, I had to give myself a stiff talking to though and donate some stuff that was barely worn but expensive to me £50+ per item because I couldn't handle feeling guilty every time the darn things winked at me when I opened the wardrobe!!

Sometimes it's just good to let things go and acknowledge the mistakes and impulse buys. You shouldn't be saddled with something that you don't love just because you 'ought' to get value from it. So, with that in mind cut yourself a bit of slack, have a good sort out and say from July that you will only buy with intention. HTH x

frankietwospots Wed 24-Jun-15 18:10:22

ooo, I love that phrase! 'I will only buy with intention'.

Mytribeof3 Wed 24-Jun-15 21:57:00

Very good advice picachew. I know I shouldn't be so harsh on myself and should just move on and learn from past mistakes. Thank you x

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