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straight leg jeggings, not skin tight?

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thinkingaboutthistoomuch Wed 24-Jun-15 11:20:50

I am a small build (size 10) but not slim enough to feel comfortable bursting out of trousers that are too tight. However, I still would like something that I can tuck into boots easily and isn't too bulky round the waist so can be worn under tunics etc. Can anyone help please? I'm not having much success. High street prices please!

HelenF350 Wed 24-Jun-15 12:19:40

Try Sainsburys. I've not been in for a while so bot sure what they are stocking currently but their jeans are very good and reasonably priced.

Sonotkylie Wed 24-Jun-15 14:14:30

Not jeggings but have you tried the Gap Resolution slim straight jeans. Tuck into long boots beautifully but slightly less tapered than skinnies and good stretch. You might have to try it with the tunic to see if it works as they are definitely jeans. They have good returns policy though!

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