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Budget cruelty-free sunscreen?

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ppolly Tue 23-Jun-15 15:59:40

Can anyone recommend a budget cruelty free sunscreen? I'm fine with other (fairly) budget cruelty free items - almond oil, tisserand, faith in nature and weleda seem to cover most things and smell lovely, but I'm stuck over sunscreen.

Tizwailor Tue 23-Jun-15 16:39:05

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

iroblonegen Tue 23-Jun-15 17:41:30

Superdrug own brand (think it's called Solait) is cruelty free and BUAV approved. When I got some a week or so ago it was half-price e.g. Spf30 suncream for face was something like £1.99 instead of £3.99.

ppolly Tue 23-Jun-15 21:01:09

They sound great, many thanks.

minijoeyjojo Tue 23-Jun-15 21:06:26

No idea on the cruelty free nature of the suncream, but both Tesco and Sainsburys own brand suncream are which best buys. Been using both and they are fab.

EuphemiaCoxton Wed 24-Jun-15 08:02:41

Tesco are cruelty free

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