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Help me find a hairdryer for my hair type

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EarSlaps Mon 22-Jun-15 20:39:29

My hair takes forever to dry so I'm usually too lazy and it just looks crap.

I have lots and lots of fine hair, so overall it's medium to thick and because there are tons of hairs it seems to trap the water in iyswim.

It's also very dry and fragile and has a tendency to get fluffy and big.

I need something that blows really bloody fast I think rather than hot and something that can smooth it down. Strangely my hair seems to feel dryer and coarser when I don't blow dry it.

Can anyone recommend something that could help tame my hair?

yazzy85 Mon 22-Jun-15 20:58:04

Parlux are the best

RaisingSteam Mon 22-Jun-15 22:14:49

I have thick hair that just frizzes into a big dandelion clock if left to dry naturally.

Possibly it's not just the hairdryer but technique. You need to blowdry it smooth in sections with a big round or paddle brush and some smoothing product like the hairdresser does. Otherwise it will just get frizzed up faster.

Shenanagins Mon 22-Jun-15 22:33:19

Your hair sounds very similar to mine. I'm currently using s cheap travel hairdryer as mine has broken and really notice s difference if I use pureology conditioner. Even if I turn my head upside down for s quick dry it really makes a difference. It is expensive but as you only use a tiny amount, it lasts for ages.

EarSlaps Tue 23-Jun-15 20:39:15

Bloody children have hidden my paddle brush somewhere, but I do usually get better results with that.

I've bought the Babyliss Boutique dryer, but it's a birthday present so I have to wait a few weeks to get it now.

I don't use silicone on my hair now after I noticed it made it even more straw-like and I'm really struggling to find a silicone free heat protector or smoothing cream. I tend to use pure argan oil to smooth.

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