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I am ditching the face care brands

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AmorVincitOmnia Mon 22-Jun-15 07:28:01

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

U2TheEdge Mon 22-Jun-15 07:56:00

I use Nivea cream. Aldi serums and just started with cerave. I also use super drug cleanser and Lush Ultrabland. For toners I use clearsil and FAB pads, I have liquid gold but don't rate it.

I have seen absolutely no difference between these and expensive brands so I will keep buying the cheapies happily smile

Nivea in a blue pot is reported to be just as good, if not better, than the Creme de la Mer.

Pancakeflipper Mon 22-Jun-15 08:03:27

I tried but retreated back to my Elemis moisturiser.
I think it depends on your skin type.
I guess less problematic skin can use more products.

I have very very dry skin even with the huge amounts of water I drink and its very sensitive. Certain ingredients send it into a bright red rash. I buy what suits me.

ggirl Mon 22-Jun-15 08:11:46

I have two friends with great skin , they wash their face in the shower in the morning only . Go to bed without washing face !
My mum is 80 , has amazing skin ..she washes her face with a bar of soap!

Sometimes I think we all do too much.

I'm still addicted to skin care stuff tho

Fabulassie Mon 22-Jun-15 08:12:21

I don't believe in buying a skin care line, and especially so if it's an expensive one. However, I do think that carefully choosing products for what they are known to contain and what those ingredients do makes a difference.

I use Retin A, glycolic acid toner, a home-made vitamin C serum, and sunscreen. I also have found two cleansers that don't contain detergent (SLS/bubbles). Two products I use are Clinique (cleansing balm and the sunscreen) but I don't bother with their other products.

I no longer care about what brand something is and only if it is good for my skin. My skin is now really radiant and flawless - I don't even get monthly hormonal acne.

FrugalFashionista Mon 22-Jun-15 08:26:25

I have never had an expensive skincare habit, budget stuff works for me, but lots of high-end makeup lines are definitely overhyped. I have a Max Factor lipstick that is just as good as Chanel, and prefer a 3€ no name blusher to Nars. MAC brushes are great but my current favorite is a $2 Elf concealer brush. My favorite nail polishes come from Revlon and Kiko. My bottom line, budget makeup and skincare can be awfully good - and you can save lots of money.

You cannot really compare skincare brands to retin A though. Retin A is classified as a drug because it has been shown that it actually changes something. Skincare 'changes the appearance of' or 'may help to improve'... - if you get skincare ingredients that actually do somehing, they would be classified as drugs and regulated accordingly.

Fabulassie Mon 22-Jun-15 08:50:35

I compare it to skin care products because less efficacious retinoids are sold at the drug store. It's part of my skin care routine and I no longer buy expensive serums and moisturisers. I used to use Olay Regenerist and thought it was good (a vast improvement over having used nothing in particular) but now it's no longer necessary.

It is a drug but I buy it online and it costs less than an Olay moisturiser.

OneLittleLady Mon 22-Jun-15 09:08:56

i use cheap skin care because i find it does exactly the same job as more expensive stuff and I often find the perfumes in expensive brands irritate me. I use superdrug Vitamin E cleanser and exfoliator, clearasil or superdrug own brand salicylic acid pads and either super drug vit e moisturiser or oil. my skin is generally great, few random spots here and there but nothing major. I do use a loreal serum a few times a week as well. I have very dry skin and between the skin care I use and the huge amount of fluid I drink, they combat it. I use a mix of cheap and more expensive make up, some things are better than others from both sides of the cheap/expensive bracket.

squizita Mon 22-Jun-15 09:13:58

My mum looks 5-10 years younger than her age and always uses a simple light cleanser (Boots cucumber for example) and a classic moisturiser (astral, Nivea soft etc). Witch hazel and water to tone. Baby oil sometimes before bed.
I reckon it's mostly genetics so have done the same.

She always splashes on hand creams though. Everyone has their foibles! grin

itsbetterthanabox Mon 22-Jun-15 09:23:00

Which clearasil pads do you use?

maudpringles Mon 22-Jun-15 09:45:48

I love the superdrug vitamin E range but would find it hard to lose my neals yard moisturiser at night.
It just makes my skin so soft and I do notice a difference when I run out.

Battleshiphips Mon 22-Jun-15 10:01:52

I cleanse with a tea tree cleanser from home bargains (great if you have larger pores) then moisturise with Nivea. If my skin is looking dry I use a soft flannel with Nivea. I do get compliments on my complexion. I think it is also down to genes though as my mum is 74 and hardly has any wrinkles! Although she does also use Nivea.

Tinfoiled Mon 22-Jun-15 10:07:08

I think it comes down to a combination of genetics, using SPF and possibly just a good skin care routine of cleanse and moisturise basically. But mostly genetics and not allowing sun damage. <fatalistic> grin

Tinfoiled Mon 22-Jun-15 10:07:25

Oh and not smoking.

BlankXpression Mon 22-Jun-15 10:09:12

I sacked off most high end face products about five years ago. Its mostly all just fancy packaging and fragrance.

I used to use Eve Lom cleanser, but now use Superdrug hot cloth cleanser.

Used to use various eye waveringly expensive face creams and Clarins facial oil - now I use Aldi Lacura serum and don't bother with day cream but use a high SPF facial sunscreen instead (Biore, about a tenner on Amazon) and Trilogy facial oil at night (not cheap, but not on the extortionate Clarins scale).

I also swapped Clinique scrubs for Liquid Gold once or twice a week (again, not budget, but not eye wateringly pricey and far more effective I find) and swapped Chanel hydramaz face mask for various cheaper Korean-brand night masks (Missha is my fave brand, pretty cheap).

The only high(isn) end product I use is Aveda shampoo. I don't even twitch when I walk through a department store beauty hall these days. I know what works and whats just a load of old guff now <older, wiser> grin

iwantgin Mon 22-Jun-15 10:21:36

Since sorting out my greasy, acne prone skin by taking Spiro - my skin care regime is really easy.

Soap and water - morning and evening.
Moisturiser if I can be bothered feel I need it.

If, on the rare days, I do wear any eye make up I will use an eye make up remover.

That's it. Cheap - and my skin hasn't looked this good for decades.

(jinxes self)

burnishedsilver Mon 22-Jun-15 12:31:26

I've gone full circle after six or seven years and gone back to the mid to high end products. I think I made a mistake in simplifying and switching to supermarket brands. My skin looks better already after a few weeks on my new Caroline Hirrons recommended routine.

toffeeboffin Mon 22-Jun-15 12:41:04

I agree.

I worked in the beauty industry for a while and have tried loads of top brands, but honestly for me nothing works as well as johnsons baby lotion! I use it to cleanse and moisturize and also as eye make up remover. It's the only thing that never irritates my skin and its so cheap!

I'm also convinced that diet is the main factor in how good your skin is.

Tizwailor Mon 22-Jun-15 14:00:13

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Tobiasfunke Mon 22-Jun-15 14:26:09

I use nivea basic at night. It's like spreading lard on your face but it's great. Aldi q10 during the day. My only 'expensive' one was Boots no.7 protect and whatever serum. Used it for the last 7 years. New tube I bought 2 weeks ago brought me out in a monstrous rash. So I had to go back to basics and buy a tube of Avene to calm it down- which worked.

I've bought all sorts of expensive stuff in the past and it was mostly shit. Oh and I spent £23 on Vichy Ideali eyes recently and it made my eyes swell up ever so slightly. So that was a waste of money. I am 46 and not wrinkly with reasonable skin texture but I suspect that is due to hardly ever going into the sun because I'm so pale and I don't drink. But what if it was the Boots serum?? Panic!

avagosling Mon 22-Jun-15 16:22:01

I have completely switched over to the most basic natural skin care, saves me so much money and my skin has never looked better... I also feel better psychologically knowing I am not putting all those nasties on my skin, which are then absorbed into the bloodstream. For cleansing I just mix castor oil with jojoba, about half and half, and do the oil cleansing method, removes all the make up and gunk from the day. In the morning just a splash of water... Or sometimes just wipe with a wet cloth. For moisturizing I have tried and tested so many natural oils... Not sure if I have an absolute favourite, but keep alternating between rosehip, moringa, camellia, sweet almond... Depending on how my skin feels.

ZaraW Mon 22-Jun-15 18:51:22

I've always used natural products and keep it simple that's what my skin likes. Using sunscreen, not smoking or drinking, exercising and having a healthy diet are also the best things you can do. And of course 8 hours sleep.

butterfly133 Mon 22-Jun-15 20:35:10

I was always inclined towards cheaper skin care but used to buy Liz Earle occasionally as a treat. Then a friend began working for a luxury brand - one that owns many of the brands - and suddenly was able to purchase things much cheaper. So I had the chance to try some stuff that other people thought was amazing. To be fair, I didn't have specific skin problems other than blackheads. What I found was that the pricier stuff made no difference to that problem and while it was nicer to use - smelt nicer, had a nicer texture - it didn't make any difference.

While she was working there we also found out a few things about formulas and brands and sometimes there are identical formulas going on.

So I stick with the cheap stuff and I don't think I'm harming my skin as a result. I realise if you have more problems than blackheads, it might make a difference, but I would say if your skin is basically okay, cheap is fine.

I've been on MN about a month. I had never heard of Caroline Hirons before but she is mentioned so much here, I had a look at her blog. It seems that products which I consider expensive are considered reasonably priced! I am actually genuinely surprised at how the luxury skin care market has exploded, even doing well in the recent recession.

ihatethecold Mon 22-Jun-15 20:51:04

While she was working there we also found out a few things about formulas and brands and sometimes there are identical formulas going on.

Tell us more. wink

butterfly133 Mon 22-Jun-15 21:11:00

ihatethecold - sorry, it was years ago and if I quoted anything from memory it would likely be wrong. I look at dept store counters and my eyes go screwy with overwhelm!!

She could probably give lectures on skincare - and I know she is a big fan of the Superdrug Apple stuff and the stuff next to it in the purple packaging. She reckons their serums are just as good as really pricey ones.

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