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Help me pack for Glasto!

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MakeTeaNotWar Sun 21-Jun-15 21:40:14

Be there Thursday - Monday, weather looking mostly warm and dry, potentially a few showers. So wellies and waterproof jacket, flip flops for showers, trainers if dry. What else?

BowiesJumper Sun 21-Jun-15 21:49:38

Long socks for under the wellies (if you're wearing with shorts/skirt). Welly rash is awful!

A hat for if it's sunny as there's practically no shade there!

Warm clothes/layers for sleeping in. I get FREEZING at night there and wear big thick socks, tracksuit bottoms, long sleeved top, thin jumper and a hoody at night (sounds like overkill I know!)

Hoody/jumper for putting on I evenings, waterproof jacket, a few changes of socks/ leggings etc in case of mud.

Whatever outfits you like! People wear all sorts from super practical to fashion parade so anything goes as long as your comfy.

Baby wipes, hand sanitiser, packets of tissues (for the loos), sun cream, cereal bars etc etc. Bin bags (for rubbish at camp etc), mints or chewing gum, dry shampoo etc.

Have fun!! Didn't get a ticket this year (sob).

PrincessOfChina Sun 21-Jun-15 21:52:10

After our last attempt me and DH have sworn that all we are taking if we go again is a spare pair of pants and a credit card. You can buy everything there.

In reality I would go with several midi dresses and a pair of ankle boots. Hair down on day 1 and 2, half pony day 3, pony day 4, plait day 5. Sounds like you're planning on showering though.

Baby wipes.

Oh, and a cross body bag which has room for your waterproof. I always find it chilly by the time the main stages are done.

Destinysdaughter Sun 21-Jun-15 21:59:35

I heard Glastonbury was going to be a washout! Hope for your sake it isn't but wellies and waterproofs are a good idea! Can't really suggest anything else except earplugs, sleep mask, a torch, plastic sheets. Have fun!

PrincessOfChina Sun 21-Jun-15 22:01:33

Oh yes, I always pack bin bags for sitting on as well. And really recommend using the She Pee toilets when available. Much more pleasant.

WickedWax Sun 21-Jun-15 22:02:14

I'm there Thursday to Monday too. I'm taking...

Sunhat, sunglasses,Wooly hat, thermal vests, t shirts, jumpers, 1 dress, 1 very thick hoodie, waterproof coat and trousers, denim shorts, denim skirts, leggings, socks (lots of them) above the knee and shorter ones, several pairs of tights, lots of knickers, 2 bras, fleecy pj's, wellies, fleece welly liners, trainers, flip flops, slippers.

We're going in our motorhome so have a shower on board, I'm taking a gas hot brush and 12v straighteners.

Can't wait!

snowaccidentprone Sun 21-Jun-15 22:05:59

Thermal base layers to wear to sleep in!


Small rucksack to carry round drinks, layers, sun cream! Etc

TheCowThatLaughs Sun 21-Jun-15 22:06:10

Eye mask and ear plugs

Silverstreaks Sun 21-Jun-15 22:12:42

One pair of comfortable waterproof ankle boots are much more comfortable than wellies and can look good with bars legs or with trousers.

Tights for night time and you can sleep in them too. If you're not taking a sleeping mat buy the guardian and use it under your sleeping bag. It will save your hip bones and keep you warm.

Showers are lovely when you come home, you'll waste an awful lot of time waiting for one and after you're dressed and walking back to your tent you'll feel grubby again. Wet wipes.

Take a hat, scarf and gloves. They are small and at night you'll be thankful for them. Don't keep the same parting in your hair as you'll get a burnt scalp if the weather is nice.

You'll regret dressing in long, swishly skirts and dresses and dungarees and wrap around trousers - it's not just the toilets to think about you have the sheer mass of people too - many of them shuffling like zombies!

Think practical for clothing but soften it up and have fun with make up, jewellery and hats.

BowiesJumper Sun 21-Jun-15 22:38:53

When it's SUPER muddy at glasto I wouldn't recommend ankle wellies, full height ones are a must if you don't want to worry about it going over the top of them.

nilbyname Sun 21-Jun-15 22:44:58

A proper waterproof jacket

A good leather/hunting style hat is fantastic for keeping off the rain

Socks, lots!

Ear plugs
Loo roll
Antibacterial gel for your hands
Little torch for getting back to your tent
Clean knickers
Warm beanie and scarf- something lightweight, but cosy


EuphemiaCoxton Mon 22-Jun-15 08:43:59

Hehehehehehehe nilbyname, back in the day that would have been the FIRST thing I packed.

Poncho and camping chair. If it's a mudfest there will be nowhere to sit down. If you have a waterproof poncho you can drape in around your chair and sit in on a sort of warm water proof tent.
Go to the oxfam tent and buy a cheap fur coat. Use it at night when it's bloody freezing. Best thing I ever did. And buy a cheap fleece blanket and cut a whole in the idle for your head. It will keep you warm and you can still drape it on your sleeping bag. If you have one.
In the 90s I would take a blanket and a pillow and a couple of pants alongside the tent.
In the 00s I added an airbed, t shirts, waterproofs, cereal bars and juice.
Now I have bloody everything. Noodles, raised airbed, full changes of clothes, kettle, tea, makeup.

You will NEED
Waterproofs. I recommend a poncho (you can have your bag under it too) and trousers over your wellies.
Wet wipes and bog roll
Hand sanitiser. I take a small liquid soap too as I like to be clean not just sterilise the dirt
Tracker bars and capri suns
Sun hat
Two jeans, one shorts, four t shirts, two jumpers.
Spare socks
Spare pants
If you want to stay washed and hell, some folks like to ming for a few days (ni judgement) take a washing up bowl to wash in the tent. You can fill the bowl full of things anyway.
Keep a full change of clothes in the car.
A plastic bag to keep your loo roll in. Soggy loo roll is nasty.
A head scarf. Useful for covering dirty hair. If it's raining I don't bother washing mine.
Travel sized toiletries.
A spork.
Wind up torch.
Decanted spirits.
An empty fabric softener bottle if you need to pee in the night and can't be bothered to trek to the portaloos, again, no judgement.
Sun lotion
Travel toothbrush
I buy a few days worth of daily contact lenses

If you want weed go to green fields after midnight and shout for it.
If you want chemicals go to dance world.
Be safe.
Love it.

Heels99 Mon 22-Jun-15 08:48:09

Showers? Since when are there showers?

Nettletheelf Mon 22-Jun-15 09:13:07

If you believe magazine articles about festival fashion, you'll take a bra top, a crocheted and fringed waistcoat, a flower crown and gladiator sandals.

Do you think that anybody actually takes these articles seriously and does this in Britain?

MrNedSchneebly Mon 22-Jun-15 09:58:28

So many layers! I get freezing late at night at festivals which puts me off staying out so I always have a thermalish vest and tights in my bumbag. Also ten thousand plastic bags of varying sizes. I keep my phone and money in a sandwich bag in my bumbag.

Also a good quality Mac and wellies. Do not be a dick and think you don't need them. One or two of my friends always do and ALWAYS end up basically with trench foot and having to buy some there for an extortionate price.

MrNedSchneebly Mon 22-Jun-15 10:09:04

Ooh also shoes for walking to the loo in and a million pairs of socks

MrNedSchneebly Mon 22-Jun-15 10:10:35

And dry shampoo. I'm bringing the DC for the first time this year any one got any top tips of what to bring for thwn?

Lj8893 Mon 22-Jun-15 10:23:25

Heels, I'm another one thinking "what's all this nonsense about showers?" I've never bothered with a shower at Glastonbury!

Heels99 Mon 22-Jun-15 10:28:23

I think if you haven't been you imagine it to be like a campsite with decent facilities rather than just one cold tap for every 500 people which is the reality. I did once see an Eco shower in the green field which was basically a bucket of water hoisted up. I find glasto to be a lot like a refugee camp. Crowded tents, one tap,per hundreds of people, litter everywhere, no shade on a hot day, lots of mud on a rainy day, queues for everything, lots of traipsing about. I love the green fields personally.

MrNedSchneebly Mon 22-Jun-15 10:30:38

There are posh showers if you're willing to pay. Absolutely don't see the point though. I don't shower that often any way though so for me it's only missing one or two whereas a lot of people seem to everyday so it's huge for them.

Lj8893 Mon 22-Jun-15 10:32:27

There always used to be nudist Eco showers in the green fields but I never fancied that. And there are showers in the kids field but obviously only for use with children in tow!
But for me, part of the whole festival experience is roughing it.

MakeTeaNotWar Mon 22-Jun-15 10:46:24

I should say that this is my 8th Glasto but I still need help honing my packing list, and yep there was def stuff I'd forgotten so thanks for the reminders. Just can't tell what the weather is doing....

I always shower - and I've never paid - not every day mind you but at least once, possibly twice a festival.

MrNed how old are DCs?

getinthesea Mon 22-Jun-15 10:53:10

Can I just say please make sure that your wet wipes are the biodegradable ones so that you can chuck them in the loos?

Also one of those collapsible water carrier things so that you can fill it up when there aren't queues for the basins/water in the morning and then brush your teeth/wash/whatever when you like at the tent.

Mr Ned, we've been taking DD for the last few years and don't bring very much for her. She likes drawing so a small sketchbook and a pencil keeps her occupied for hours. Although bringing face paints is handy as it avoids the 100 year queues in the kids fields. If they like reading there's a great stall in the Greenpeace Kids field with tons of second hand books, you can either lounge around and read them there if it's raining or buy them.

MrNedSchneebly Mon 22-Jun-15 10:54:15

10mo and 3.5. It's my twelfth time but first with DC!

getinthesea Mon 22-Jun-15 10:59:51

One of those pull-along trolley things if you can lay your hands on it (I still slightly yearn for one sometimes even though DD is 8), and those earmuff things that look like headphones to block out the noise. And an almost infinite supply of fruit bars, cereal bars and meals in those squishy packets.

Along with the acceptance that you're not going to see even one tenth of the bands you saw before DC, and that the Kids Field is your new home...

Do you know where you are camping?

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