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Advice for grey hair transition please

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Iwantahandbag Sun 21-Jun-15 19:48:48

I have shoulder length dark brown hair which I have been dyeing with a permanent colour to cover the grey. I have more brown hair than grey, but decided a few months ago to stop dyeing.
The main reason is that I did not want to wait until I became more grey/white, and have the awful white line down my parting, so I thought if I let it all come through now, it will be an easier transition, especially as I would never get it cut short.
The grey is all over and about an inch re growth. It is not massively noticeable as I still have more brown than grey, but my biggest problem is the hairline at the front.
Like with most people, the grey is more prominent around the front and temples, and I feel I'm looking unkempt as the rest is still not noticeable.
I had my hair trimmed on Friday and the hairdresser recommended highlights to help the transition.
Has anyone got any experience with this? I do not want my hair to look stripey, and I would be worried the mixture of brown, grey and highlights may look awful?
I would really appreciate any other suggestions.

RaisingSteam Sun 21-Jun-15 20:25:48

I haven't gone there yet but I pinned this case study because when I do, I'm going to print these pictures and take them to the stylist. Fabulous use of a great cut and ashy highlights.

Iwantahandbag Sun 21-Jun-15 21:40:04

I have seen that link before, I agree, it looks great.
I am very dark brown, and would not be able to go blonde. Just wondering whether highlights would be too much with dark brown, and some grey?

bonzo77 Sun 21-Jun-15 21:58:08

Iwant, I was in exactly your position around 18 months ago. Like you, blonde would not suit me. Well, I went totally cold turkey, whilst getting my hair trimmed at least every 8 weeks. Having cut it from shoulder length to a jaw length graduated bob. Have a look at the photos on my profile, you can see it at various stages. The first 4 or so months was the worst, but after that it was fine. it took around a year, and one final rather shorter than usual hair cut, to get all the colour out. Oh the freedom now though from the tyranny of the bottle.

I'd definitely suggest a much shorter hair cut, wearing a bit of make up if you don't normally, and a shampoo to keep the white bright and tone down any brassiness as your colour fades. I use "Touch of Silver". Longer term, you might need to look at the colours you wear as things that looked fine before might make you look more washed out. I tend to wear a LOT of black, but have tried to add in some brighter accessories.

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