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Is this dress wedding appropriate?

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FuckFaulknerILikeTheGruffalo Sun 21-Jun-15 13:48:32

I already own this dress, and it's a summer wedding I'm invited to. Bear in mind I'm short so it's knee-length, maybe a bit longer, on me.

What do you think? I will buy something new if this gets the "nay" smile

MrsBungle Sun 21-Jun-15 13:49:36

Definitely appropriate. It's lovely.

flagnogbagnog Sun 21-Jun-15 13:49:47

Yes absolutely. I think it's lovely. Great for a summer wedding.

MissBananaMama Sun 21-Jun-15 13:51:25


CrispyFern Sun 21-Jun-15 14:01:49

No, lone voice of dissent here, I don't like it for a wedding! Looks like a dress for work to me.

FuckFaulknerILikeTheGruffalo Sun 21-Jun-15 14:05:38

You think so Fern? I've only worn it a few times and it's always been for a "big hair, big heels, glam" sort of look for dinner and drinks, but I dress in jeans and a T for work so perhaps my perception of fancy is a bit off?!

financialwizard Sun 21-Jun-15 14:08:09

I would wear it to a wedding.

MitzyLeFrouf Sun 21-Jun-15 14:11:07

I think it will be fine. I saw the word 'bodycon' in the link and was prepared to say no but it doesn't seem as sausage skin tight as most bodycon dresses.

Go for it.

MrsRossPoldark Sun 21-Jun-15 14:14:00

Yes go for it! I saw the 'bodycon' bit too and was a bit worried but when I saw it I could see the hat, the bag, the shoes, the jewellery straight away! Have a lovely time!

FadedRed Sun 21-Jun-15 14:14:29


FuckFaulknerILikeTheGruffalo Sun 21-Jun-15 14:25:23

Okay will go with majority thoughts here! Phheeeww, I get flustered dress shopping, it's very rarely something fits me right so that is a relief.

Now, as you say Mrs, for the bag, shoes and jewellery [sweating]

CrispyFern Sun 21-Jun-15 14:26:06

Yes I'm the only one so ignore me!

SylvaniansAtEase Sun 21-Jun-15 14:29:55

I don't think it looks worky, but not weddingy either. But with accessories, sure it'll be fine.

FuckFaulknerILikeTheGruffalo Sun 21-Jun-15 14:30:57

Fern, I have a picture of you in my mind as someone extreeemely glamorous now smile

CrispyFern Sun 21-Jun-15 19:38:32

Oh yes that's me. Dripping with diamonds too. grin

Floggingmolly Sun 21-Jun-15 19:40:21

Yes, it's lovely. I certainly wouldn't wear it to work!!

YesThisIsMe Sun 21-Jun-15 19:45:45

Looks fine to me. I agree with Fern that quite a few of the younger staff members in my office would wear it to work, but with the right hat and shoes it's perfectly wedding appropriate.

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