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Please help accessorise this dress

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desperatehousewife2 Sun 21-Jun-15 01:12:29

I have my brothers wedding in a few weeks and have as usual left everything to the last minute. Today I panicked and ordered this dress: and need some sort of cover, ideally a little jacket (not a cardi or shrug but possibly a wrap if it was really nice) as well as shoes and bag. Was thinking a lovely bright green might be a nice contrast? Love this sort of thing but not mad about the available colours:
Ideally, would love some sort of obi belt or sash with a big bow with a contrasting colour to tie in with the dress if that makes sense. I'm rambling a bit now but would be so so grateful for any help! Also, am in Ireland so needs to be deliverable to here. Thank you! flowers

desperatehousewife2 Sun 21-Jun-15 01:19:58

BTW, this is the first thread I've ever started on mumsnet so please be gentle smile

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