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Would Bio Oil help dark spots?

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stardusty5 Sat 20-Jun-15 22:23:14

I have a large freckle/ sun spot that i would like to get rid of. Has any one used bio oil on their face for reducing dark spots.

Or do you have any recommendations of great products?

Greengardenpixie Sat 20-Jun-15 23:11:43

Ive read mixed reviews about putting it on your face. You could try it and see but for some it has caused their skin to break out. I have a few old scars on my arms and a fresh one [ i burnt myself off the iron the other day) I put some bio oil on it last night and i have to say, it really does look better! Definetly looks more healed. Im not sure if its just a fluke as it seems too soon for any difference. I am applying it to the front of my legs. Got a number of scars from shaving etc and am hoping it fades them even a little. Not going to put it on my face as i have combination skin and reckon it will break me out.

happy2bhomely Sat 20-Jun-15 23:23:58

I wouldn't use bio oil on my face. Try the clarins exfoliating toner. It's really helped to reduce marks on my face.

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