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Calling the bra experts - help needed with choosing bra styles

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stripytees Sat 20-Jun-15 20:22:11

I have lost weight this year and now don't seem to find a bra that fits as well as my old size used to fit.

I measure 31 under, 38 leaning forward. My boobs are quite wide apart and wide rooted, and quite full (I'm 32, no kids, now size 10/12 for tops, also quite short at 5ft2).

The one bra that fits really well is Fantasie Esme in 30F. I know the style is discontinued. sad

Today I tried a few but nothing fits like the Esme.
Curvy Kate Dreamcatcher plunge in 30FF - the cup felt simultaneously too big and too small - not supportive but the upper edge gave me slight quad boob.
John Lewis own brand 30F - the best in terms of fit but didn't like the shape (horizontal seam made my boobs too pointy in the wrong direction)
Fantasie Serene in 30F - a lot smaller in the cup than Esme, had slight overspill from armpits but there was no 30FF in stock.
None of these felt as supportive as a properly fitting 32G did in the past before I lost weight.

I also own Freya Bombshell plunge in 30F, fits OK when I first put it on but with movement sometimes end up spilling over the top edge a bit. Gives me a nice shape though.

In desperation I tried a 30F and 32F at M&S and the 32 band one felt tighter than the 30. hmm

Should say I'm planning to lose another 6 pounds or so by the end of August so don't want to spend lots on bras now. I had hoped to order a few that are on offer online but not sure what styles.

Furball Sun 21-Jun-15 06:48:10

Have a look around bratabase and it should give you ideas for something with the same cut smile

stripytees Sun 21-Jun-15 08:01:21


I'm surprised it suggests 28 bands, not sure that would fit with a 31 measurement.

stripytees Mon 22-Jun-15 12:05:40

Hopeful bump... anyone?

TriJo Mon 22-Jun-15 14:31:47

Curvy Kate non-padded are generally good for shallower/wider shapes - Gia, Portia, Emily, Princess etc?

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