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New job in Sept, help me smarten myself up!

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Getdownfromtherethisinstant Sat 20-Jun-15 10:50:03

I'm starting a new job this September as an office manager. I need to be smart, and after two years as a stay at home mum this may be a tall order....! I'm not terribly fashionable, don't worry too much about hair/nails/make up but need a bit of an overhaul, so I need advice on the following:

Putting together a capsule wardrobe, on the cheap since I've not much to spend. Any ideas on where I could get some decent suit items and a selection of tops? I'm titchy - just under five foot and a size 12/14, hopefully slightly slimmer by Sept hmm so I need somewhere that does a decent petite range.

Nails - my news are pretty good naturally, strong and grow fast but I have a bad habit of biting the skin around them. Any ideas for treatments I could do at home to make them look better?

Good places to go and see what colours of make up suit me best? I wear pretty minimal make up anyway, but it would be nice to have a fresh start.

Hair - my hair is OK ish. I don't own any styling stuff, or even a hairdryer but I find my hair looks nice if I use a decent shampoo/conditioner. It needs some nourishment at the moment I think. Suggestions please for brands that work well on thick wavy hair that tends towards greasiness? And a good brush since I broke mine and have been borrowing four year old DD's.

Sorry for all the questions but it's all part of preparing for a return to work and thought some of you ladies (and gents) masy enjoy a project...grin


Getdownfromtherethisinstant Sat 20-Jun-15 10:53:43

Oh, and SHOES! Where can I find nice widefitting shoes?

Kennington Sat 20-Jun-15 10:55:00

Babyliss big hair dryer - 5 mins every morning for Mayfair Russian hair.
Uniqlo, cos and whistles and m and s. 7/8s trousers. Lots of navy looks smart without being funereal. V chic too.
Ankle boots from m and s for height without pain.
Clear nail polish for no hassle.
Illuminator make up for a healthy glow without much effort.
Congrats on the job!

Getdownfromtherethisinstant Sat 20-Jun-15 11:06:50

Thank you! The project begins...

Kennington Sat 20-Jun-15 11:16:03

Please feedback as I need a refresh too and would be interested to hear if these shops are still good.

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